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Roblox Against Phishing! (RAP)
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Roblox Against Phishing! (RAP)

    Welcome to Roblox Against Phishing!
Roblox has seen a number of sites that are stealing robloxians accounts,some of the names I can't say cause this will get cded for some reason.The sites are known to take your username and the key to get into your account.I wish that the The RAP federaion will help this scam and get the bad guys away from roblox forever.If you have a suggestion to help stop this problem,PM me.And thank you for your help.

roblox against phishing blog link!



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VanillaAmerica 1/3/2014 7:08:14 AM
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On different games I was phised x.x I almost cried lol
I was a MASS victim once, The first time, I was in party chat with a friend, and I put is some answers in a survey to get a scripter to help me with my place, it was all a scam and he hacked into my account and said rude things to him, then the second time, there was a hacker stalking me, (A different one) and he hacked all the servers that I was in, and then he finally got me on the 10 - 11th try, we were both on the server, and nobody could join, then he putted rude pictures in the room and I
I lost 900 robux right when I was going to buy a fedora >_>
I almost lost my account TWICE for people and websites phishing for my you know what promising moderation and limited U items.
One account of mine, Dragonslayer992 was stolen by someone called Jetpacker33. Atleast I got the account back. He also gave me a trick like 'Follow me for 999999 robux!' All those spams are fake.
Greed will be the fall of mankind. Peoples being greedy for "free robux and tix" has cost them their accounts. And many more will be claimed by a players greed for free stuff.
@Count I don't follow links,infact,I never knew about screamer spam. Only phisher spam.
i was tricked by one ~nathanthegreatguy
And, make such a thing optional.
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