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This is THE TRIFORCE. It is a group that I, the leader, Sqweebs, had created almost 3 years ago to be a war group. Unfortunately, that never happened, and we wen't on a very long two year inactivity streak, but we're back!

We've improved our ranking system, have started getting Personal Servers placed, and have opened up the group shop, which anyone can add any items of their choosing to, as long as it relates to the group.

Any join request will be accepted automatically, and will require no waiting. 

We will add ANY ally request, and would be happy to help our allies with any problem or incident that they need help with.

We have started to go back to our War Group route after a long time of the war group never working out, and will start with wars and battles soon enough. 
We'll help out any time we're needed, and I hope that we will once again go back to our former glory or being one of the largest Legend of Zelda Fan groups in ROBLOX. 

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