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International Robloixan Army
Clan PointsClan Points: 7,534
Owned By:
Members: 2863
Clan Members: 2
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International Robloixan Army

International Robloixan Army Is growing every day. We need You! We will some day be a huge army! We Respect All Members! 
News: Disasterman1111 is back as leader. Hiring new high ranks, message Disasterman if you feel you qualify.
Motto: Join the Next Generation
Battle Cry: IRA Reigns Supreme! 
Population: 2800+
Current War: None(Suspended until further notice)
Score: 0-0
Proven Superior To: RSF TRB, JC, RAF, RATM, VSO, CUC, RZFF, SOAR, BAS, 
Uniform: In The Group Store
Main Base:
Objective: Redefine itself by September 1st.

The Shadows Legion
Celestrian Empire
The kings of ROBLOXIANS
Ghost Unit
Supreme Omega Force
[VSF] Valkyrie Special Forces

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

Funds: 356 770
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