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International Robloixan Army
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International Robloixan Army

The International Robloxian Army (IRA) 
【ABOUT US】 We are a modern warfare styled group that continues to grow and succeed. We respect all members of any skill to join our clan in hopes to get you to your best potential.
【UNIFORM】 In group store, we apologize for floor prices it is not our fault.
【PLACES】All primary places are in our personal servers list.
Current Wars: None
Score: None
Defeated: RSF, RATM, RAF, TRB, VSO, RZFF, SOAR, CUC, BAS, Versatus,
【NEWS】RIP Anthony, you will be missed,
【MOTTO】 Unity, Respect and Freedom

[AAT] American Assult Team
The Dark Warriors!
High Assault Warriors Klan
The Shadows Legion
Umbra Nation
~The FBI~
The Axis Empire Reborn
Coastal Combat
Elite Robloxians Army
The Ultimate Sword Fighters

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

Funds: 133 4K+
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