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The Mariachi Crime Family
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The Mariachi Crime Family

Mariachi crime family is a sicilian crime family that now lives in Russia territory.
RP years:1950
Giovane:Associate,first rank.
Piccioto:First low rank,it means soldier.
Sgarrista:Goodfella,trusted soldier.
Contabile:Financial advisor(with guns or money).
Caporegime:1st high rank,that leads a group of soldiers.
Underboss:2nd high rank,that takes decision on whacks.
Consigliere:Bosses advisor,that takes orders.
El Mariachi:The boss,the founder of Mariachi.
The Godfather:The 2nd boss,the creator,the Mariachi One.
Don't swear on the wall.
Don't spam on the wall.
Never colaborate with cops.
Never colaborate with enemies.

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