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The Laser Tag Elite Force
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The Laser Tag Elite Force

        ■▬▬▬【The Laser Tag Elite Force】▬▬▬■
We are the Elites. If you think you have want it takes to be one of us. Test your skills with the best. 
HardCore-Day: Hard-core Day. The same days as Lazer Titans. 
~The 3 ways to get a promo~
1. First rank starts with 2.0 kdr or higher. 
2. Every other rank. You must be tested by me, a Co-leader or Skilled Elite. We must see if your fit to hold the next rank.

You must be approved by side ranks to get a test from me. I'll let anyone who wants a rank up to choose their tester.

Anyone caught blaming or bribing me, a Tester or Co will be Exiled right away. 

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