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the Future of Technological Innovations industries
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the Future of Technological Innovations industries

FTI industries (alson known as FTII) works to make roblox what it was intended for, building. This group is not merely just a building group, it is a company that does all kinds of stuff. We do anything from building, to just playing games. We are currently in need of more people.
FTI is also an open model group, which means we allow models we make to be free for taking (for the most part)
If you think you should be promoted, you must message me in a formal application. There is also the possibility that we might promote you, if we find you worthy.

New company logo coming soon!
joshboy7797 7/28/2013 8:45:14 PM
Pinewood Builders Labs.
B.L.o.O.D. Revived
Pinewood Builders
Retro Transit System LLC.
Investors United

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