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Flames Utd. FC
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Flames Utd. FC

We are Flames United FC,  A professional team formed in 2009 with the goal of being one of the best on ROBLOX.
Flames United now has a scouting system in place to keep the team clean. If you wish to be inducted into a team,
You must be scouted by a Flames United player and recommended.
[OLD] Record: 45 - 4 - 4 (W-T-L) ranked 10th best with 139 points.
Titles/Cups:  DFTL, RPFL, RFA3, RFA2, DCSL, RCFL
Motto: "Strike the ball until there's flames" - Club Motto since 2010.
Current Leagues: None
Home Stadium:


[NEWS] We win RCFL!

RCFL Squad so far: poipoi87626, XglenX332, tamsterboi, KingLampoked, JuniorMikezz, ironvlegel, VESTORIAN, Abhi2000, LejYoshi, lionelmeesi, trinityave, tomkiller6934, Fireshut, shadowkiller705, chrisx253
tamsterboi 7/24/2014 11:10:17 AM
Roblox Community Football League [RCFL Season 3]
-England Football Club-
Infinity Studios®
F.C Barcelona Soccer Team
Roblox Community Football League
Predators Football Club
Dynamo Proz
Flames United Academy

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

dude we agreed to end it just stop juni lol just a rager af
wowowo nob i mad doe
A guy called kem used to be a gem but happens to be a sheg(sht) of a playa then comes junior thinking his a rula(ruler) Then comes tam (arsene wenger) Signs a deal with flames as manager a fan says "God No get ready for 9 years of failure" Few days laeta(later) he signs a shty playmaker(vestorian) 2 days after fans go to west ham and say we got the best managa
This may include players in flames that might offend them but plz remmber its just a joke plz dont get angry
Dis is a story about me arriving to flames after we won rcfl
... Can someone go to the park and bend like beckham but can u bend it like Heskey blasting it out the stadium
@iron stfu u cnt say sht ur not even involved
[ Content Deleted ]
and i didnt say anything about that rcfl squad being the last update of the squad so calm ur sht or u wont even be in it.
v no its ur fault for leaving group, king checked audit log and told me no1 deranked u and u left.
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