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The  Shadow  Empire
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The Shadow Empire

The Shadow Empire is a futuristic war group, that use guns, swords and vehicles. TSE doesn't surrender nor lose. We are the one, we are the only. HAIL TSE!
[Rules]- Grammar is to be used at ALL cost
Obey the Higher rankers
Follow all Precepts
Stay Mature
No Flamming, Complaining, etc
Do not abuse your power
Do NOT advertise your groups or other groups. Disobedience of any of these rules shall lead to Demotion or Exilation. {New rules may be added with or without notice directly to you, be sure to check Group description often. 
[Uniforms:] Located in Store Tab.
[Defeated Clans:] [Paki], [VSO], [CAF], [IRAQ]
[Defeated by:] None 
[Main Fort:] [][Completed and fixed!]
[Motto:]Hail TSE!

Zoviet Union

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

Funds: 668 1K+