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ROBLOX News Official Group
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ROBLOX News Official Group

The official group for the Roblox News blog run by arbirator. Both staff and fans can join! 

Roblox News won the 'Best Fansite' award at the ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 and has been mentioned in numerous blog posts from the ROBLOX team. 

We have a team of staff who constantly publish quality articles and run community contests. Articles range from game and catalog reviews, to site news, community spotlights, interviews, tutorials and much more! Our previous contest: Radical Retextures, was sponsored by Telamon (Shedletsky) and the winners were published to the ROBLOX catalog. 

Roblox News is one of the most popular ROBLOX Fansites out there. We  partner with other blogs, working in collaboration with sites such as Briguy's Roblox and the official ROBLOX Blog.

To get to the site, simply: 

-Type 'Arbirator Roblox News' into a search engine and click the first result

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