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JamG700's Scripting Learners
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JamG700's Scripting Learners

Only join after sending me a PM beforehand telling me WHY you would like to learn. I will NOT accept people who want to learn Lua just to show off. Place for beginners to learn:
Feel free to help others with their broken scripts.
Welcome to my Scripting Learners group! Here I will help you with any scripts you may be having trouble with! To get a rank up, simply PM me a message saying "SL Rank-up[#]"
(Where the # is, put the rank you would like to be promoted to). I will send you a test, and if you pass, you will be ranked up!
AND if you think that Roblox Lua is "TOO HARD" or just "TOO complicated", you are thinking wrong. YOUR problem is, that you are not TRYING. you are just really sitting there, looking at your screen thinking "i liek waffulz".

Remember to send me rank-up requests! Beginners who want to learn the basic structure of scripting, go here:
JamG700 11/27/2011 5:39:03 PM
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Hello! I just joined, I'm here to learn Some Lua scripting and that's because I would like to develop Cool games and not be selfish to Ask others to Script for me.
I want to learn how to script for my game but i have no idea how to. i read a lot about scripting and still have no idea how to do it
CAPITALS you must use capitals
SCRIPT game.Workspace.YOURNAME.Humanoid.MaxHealth = math.huge
Inactive, you teach nobody just want a big group, I learnt to script using the wiki so I have no need for this pathetic group anymore- well, not like I needed it ever.
Can you teach me?
Join Team Flare
does anyone know how to make a gun modify gui like battlefield?
A fresh start to learn.
can someone post the gun script I forgot.
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