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The Lazurian Army
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The Lazurian Army

Welcome to The Lazurian Army.
We exist to end war and to break down the institution of corruption. The corrupted shall fall and peace will be restored. Only if you help our cause!!

"Honor The Dead,Fight Like H3ll For The Living"-King Of Kings CCman2323

We are what you might call a "different" Kind of war group than you usually see. Lazuria has become home to many Robloxians, and they proudly server their country. Losing is not an option for us. There is no challenge we cannot handle. Hail Lazuria!

DawnRise Clan
The Lazurian elites
Lazurian Navy
The Roblox Assault Team
X-101st Legion Main Army
The First Encounter Assault Recon

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

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