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Double R: Robloxia's Recon
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Double R: Robloxia's Recon

::[We are an elite, futuristic military group that rises above the others. RR will assist allies in their endeavors, and stop at nothing to defeat our opposition.]::
::[---------- How to Join----------//]::
Join and pass through the RR: Cadet Program, found here!
[ALL REQUESTS from non-graduates will be declined]
::[---------- Information Guide 8/19/13----------//]::
::[---------- HR Guide 8/19/13----------//]::
::[----------Rules and Regulations----------//]::
::[----------Current Wars----------//]::

Personal Servers
Aureus Legion (A.L.)
〔 :{❖}:Forerunner Alliance Union:{❖}: 〕
The Malign Empire
The United Military of the Orbital Alliance
Ghost Unit
Colonial Roblox [CR]
Prime Legion
Coastal Combat
--:[ RR: Cadet Program //]:--
The Dark Warriors!
Dark Elite Rogue Battalion
Elite Recon Attack Force
National Elite Army
Team Arctic
(RC) Raven Corporation
R.N.S (Roblox National Security)™

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

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