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KNC News Cast
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KNC News Cast

Welcome to KNC News Cast. We are the First and Largest News Group and News Casting group, here on ROBLOX. KNC broadcasts ROBLOX News straight to you. It is a fun and enjoyable place to come and listen about what is going on around the major updates in ROBLOX. Current Goal: Get as many as possible including famous people in KNC.

KNC News Cast Official Policy and Rules -

Job Application -

If you have missed any News Broadcasts, Famous Interviews, or Funny Comedy Casts you may be able to find it on our YouTube channel 'TheKNCNewsCastShow'.

If you would like to be interviewed, make sure you meet any of these requirements.
Place Visits: 50,000.
Group Members: 4,500.
Clothing Sales: 5,000.
If you meet any of these requirements, please message BurninRubber02 to book an Interview.

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