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Roblox Wiki

Roblox Wiki: =================================
The official Roblox Wiki group.  The purpose of this group is:      

1) Normal users to give the wiki staff ideas and suggestions.
2) The wiki staff to collaborate in a more organized and efficient manner.

Wiki applications are open once per month. The application can be found on the main page of the wiki.

Please join if you are a wiki supporter and would like to share your ideas to the people actually who write the wiki.

ROBLOX Wiki Staff
ROBLOX Game Masters
Firelight Studios
Lua Usage Academy
ROBLOX Game Test Users
Roblox Community Workers

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

I've just quickly joined to report a sight bug: NBCers can join groups and be able to create their on clothing from group store if they have permissions from the group owner, but they are not allowed to but it on-sale but if someone higher than them with the same permissions is BC, they can put it on-sale.
I believe the wiki page on changing the font in studio is outdated. Apparently "authoring" isn't a member of GlobalSettings()
@Nickmaster and trogyssy: I have fixed those and they are pending approval from an Editor.
trogyssy Needs to be updated, I see skyscrapers on the forum all the time.
TheNickmaster21 should be updated to just explain the NameOcclusion property.
but i am an editor on the wiki
rank me up 2 editor pl0x
You don't email about Wiki pages you that need to be updated. It is on the group wall for a reason. I will be re-writing that article soon. If you ever need an article to be updated, just post it on the wall and it will be fixed or updated.
User, I know that I'm concluding probably got deleted not sure but I just gave my survey a few days ago in addition emailed roblox about the update for the wiki page.
legobuilder, that is not how you become a Wiki Writer. You don't email Roblox about it, you have to fill out a survey and be accepted.
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