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Roblox Wiki

Roblox Wiki: =================================
The official Roblox Wiki group.  The purpose of this group is:      

1) Normal users to give the wiki staff ideas and suggestions.
2) The wiki staff to collaborate in a more organized and efficient manner.

Wiki applications are open once per month. The application can be found on the main page of the wiki.

Please join if you are a wiki supporter and would like to share your ideas to the people actually who write the wiki.

The application to become a Wiki Writer is closed. We will tell you when you can apply again.
PlusReed 7/16/2014 2:42:22 PM
ROBLOX Wiki Staff
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Lua Usage Academy
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Roblox Community Workers

Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

when i try to enter in a game (at random) my game loads to a certain amount of instances and than stops.After that it says "you have lost connection to the game".
Most likely not.
What if I found a glitch on the page. Will I get a special reward or what?
The application will be closed for a little while longer while we read through the current applications. Thanks guys!
NobilisGladium: I have updated the shout.
@shout It says that the link is now closed.
ZQFFMGB12: Send that into and they will take it from there.
I'm noticing that BillboardGuis with the AlwaysOnTop property set to false still hides semi-invisible/invisible parts. Because of this, I can't make parts that are translucent, and decals on invisible parts are covered.
SanityMan: There is no iOS 10.9.4. Do you mean OS X 10.9.4? Anyways, I have encountered this bug and have tested it both on Mac and PC. It does seem to still be there. Try sending an email to with a good way to reproduce it.
ScrollingFrame Drag Bug: I recently found a bug with the dragging feature of ScrollingFrames. If you use the same settings as you do with a normal Frame, it should work the same, right? Not with this. In my experience, once you click the ScrollingFrame to drag it, you can't make it stop dragging (unless there is a different way that I missed). My OS is iOS 10.9.4. Thanks for looking into it!
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