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We are KUT (Killing United Team)=========================We are a clan that trys to make ROBLOX fair and fun we dislike  ================ game. Current enemies Vaktovia Sigma and Irrelus.  ==========Motto:Never go down.==first member Hill200 maker of uni Sweetville. First enemy xcr. They will be on your test. make it known.  We accept all ally requests. We deny any lose of war. We always accept new members as long as they can post 'chat'. We deny all claims of hacking for if its seen in clan matters on either sides to be reported to both leaders and a decision will be made. Always wear uniform. *Helmet not mandatory* Respect higher ranks and do not lie. Any act of disloyalty will be several punished.  =www.roblox.com/Mantis-item?id=19404817==========================[KUT's Main Uniforms:][Shirt]:http://www.roblox.com/k-u-t-Main-Unifrom-item?id=42847482==========================[Pants]:http://www.roblox.com/Kut-uniform-Pants-item?id=42848205==========================
Also all new player

Robloxian Minds
zedseven's Group
ATS(Assault Tactical Squad)
:Robloxian Assault Force:
The Elite Urban Association

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