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War Snakes
Welcome to War Snakes! As mentioned, the main and only purpose of this group is to grant you access to the VIP in my Build a Raft game. Don't stop yourself from contributing any suitable feedbac
1394 Yes
(UHSDL) United Hypersonic Defense Legion
We are an ultra-futuristic military group. We destroy all noobs, do not let FEAR or RAT stop us, and try to become one of the most well-known groups in Roblox. If you join, you get access to all
52 Yes
Sniper Venom Empire  SVE
Fists of Venom, Attack of snakes, hearts of poison. -/About SVE\- Sniper Venom Empire is a war group, originally founded by Snip3zzzzz. We hold trainings, we raid, and we trust our allies to fight
41 No
The Elite Snakes
This Is The Elite Snakes TES For Short. This Group Is A War Group. Lots Of Trainings Will Be Held In This Group. Only Colonals, Generals, And Me May Host Trainings. We Have Uniforms Now Go To My Stuff
31 No
---------------------------------- Welcome To Venomous ( War Group ). ---------------------------------- Motto : Fight And Unite ---------------------------------- Wins : Loses : Ties: -------
23 No
chucks honey badger
My badgers! We will rule and eat snakes (cobras) and we don't give a Sh. Message Doro627 for info on group. Dont message me i suck at reading message. ========================================== Last
16 Yes
Sunclan (Warriors Roleplay)
Sunclan started before any cats could remember. Legends say that the cats of this mysterious clan came down from the sun, and adapted into the cats they are today on the Isles Of The Sun. Enemies they
16 Yes
this is war fanclub
come to my places this is war 1 to 5 join the snakes gang
14 Yes
Jardian Cavalry
A place for the born riders of Jardia. Mounted units include Horses, camels, reptiles, giant reptiles, dinosaurs, mammoths, elephants, rhinoceri, giraffes, and virtually anything else we can str
13 No
NURACs ringhal cobras
a venomous cobra that spits and playes dead, has a deadly bite and one of my pet snakes. we rock!hail the snake send me a message if you want to be a viper ps very cute when babies me and the
8 No
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