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Official fan club!
31704 Yes
CEO Group
Testing group for people who want to hang with the ROBLOX CEO/Builderman
1325 Yes
Guests are People, Too
Welcome to ROBLOX'S 3rd largest guest LOVING group. BEFORE YOU SEND AN ALLY REQUEST PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR A GUEST LOVING GROUP. we believe that all guests should be treated equally. Guest are People,
1235 Yes
Robloxian Army
you have to know how to use your weapons, defend yourself, and know when its time to fight for robloxia, soon roblox will need you robloxians to fight for your land! fight, for BUILDERMAN. Be a Roblox
677 Yes
Magic Animal Club
Hello and Welcome to the Magic Animal Club. The Destination for Stampy Fans and Minecraft Players. We were the Second Stampy Group Ever Made And is one of the Best (legit) Stampy Group in ROBLOX! O
485 Yes
Outragous Builders Club Fans And Members
You’ve stumbled onto a secret little bit of our site: Outrageous Builders Club. A while back the entire ROBLOX Team was eating lunch. Then Builderman spoke, “Some of our longer-term members are loo
438 Yes
Rainbow Dash's Official Fan Club
Builderman: I'm Boss. Telamon: But I'm epicer! Roblox: I'm cooler than both you guyz put together! {Rainbow Dash: I'm 20% Cooler in Ten. Seconds. Flat.} ---------------------------------
426 Yes
The Official Telamon Fan Club
This is a Fan Club for our beloved admin, Telamon! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Poems:[[[[Oh, Telamon, oh Telamon, you've made ROBLOX so awesome. With your ducky hat and your
358 Yes
Horse Riders/Owners/Lovers
Join today if you love/own horses!!We do QOD'S and talk about how much we love horses! QOD'S will involve horses theres a 5% horses won't be involved!!I'll try to involve horses as much as I can!! ★
207 Yes
R.Q.O.T.D (RANDOM QUESTION OF THE DAY) Ok this group is simply a fun and good group where you get to share your opinions with others in the group. Usually I will just do normal questions but someti
203 Yes
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