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Godzilla [WIP]

Zilla [WIP]_Image
Zilla [WIP]_Image
Thumbs up: 219
Thumbs down: 25
This game is a slow WIP, expect bugs.
shutdown = update (most likeley bug fixes)

Most Recent update:
- fixed breaking(yet again)
- Godzilla has been buffed, and is now twice as fast.
- Godzilla has been improved, and now shoots his famous atomic breath, and has real additional animations. Godzilla is very glitchy, notify in the comments any obvious glitches and ill fix it. 
- Maps have been expanded due to the increase of Godzillas Size, however because they are so big, and take so long to make, there is only one map, sorry. 
- Survivals Points added, you gain +.1 walkspeed for every survival point you earn, the more you survive, the more you can run away!
- Cash Added, you now recieve 250 cash per survived round, but lost 5% of all cash upon death. 
- Revamped guis, new playerlist gui, and hints/messages were removed, and replaced with a ticker gui.

If this gains attention, i will update more frequently, for now; enjoy.

~Previously known as "Godzilla's Revenge"
Builder: Planet3arth
Joined: 1/29/2011
Updated:4 days ago
Max Players:20
Allowed Gear Types: