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Garry's Mod 2.5: Rules, read em' (DESC)

Garry's Mod 2.5: Rules, read em' (DESC)
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You guys'll need this for the Ragdolls/NPCs, Subscribe so you'll get them in your insert Tool, I did this to prevent  Lag and Ragdoll/NPC spam. 
Find the NPC and Ragdoll Sets at the Catalog, search GMod, find the one created by me.
GMod 2.0 (OLD GMOD):
Rules: 1. No spawning anything that could ruin the game, this will cause temporary ban. 2. Don't disturb anyone whos trying to do something alone, this will cause kick by players. 3. Don't spawn something that will make you powerfull and abuse your powers, this will result to perma ban.
Added new beta place! Link: Also, thanks to KuchiBoy for the Physgun.
Builder: leolr9
Joined: 2/28/2008
Updated:4 years ago
Max Players:6
Allowed Gear Types: