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GMOD - Garry's Mod - New Island Map! :D

GMOD - Garry's Mod - New Island Map! :D
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The owner elections has just ended, but only two people voted O_O and both votes was on me! XD So I surpose it is up to me to decide who gets owner admin for three weeks :/

The owner elections starts today (18th of June) and will end 3 three days from now (21th of June)!

A lot of people have asked me lately about whether or not I should add owner elections.The idea is that YOU are going to vote the person whom you would like to give owner admin for three weeks. That way anyone can become an owner for a short periode of time, but what do you think? :)

The candidate are so far are: LCPDOfficerExo152, malikt1231, corbinolson56315, coolbossry, mackwonders, Davidchaos3, habab123, thanhtran727, batty456 and RockDownBiever (Not RockDownBiever2).

Just like GMOD :D

If you got any ideas for my sever PM me!
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