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Authority Change Log (Version 0.47)

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Spookyfox is not online. Spookyfox
Joined: 17 Jul 2010
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10 May 2013 02:05 PM
All updates made in Authority from Version 0.47 are logged in this post, starting from the first Open Beta update.

Link to game:

Version 0.47

- Added the Intervention
- Reduced lag
- Lowered the brick count of the MAC-11
- Added jump delay (Thanks to Litozinnamon =D)
- Added new map Hempton Evacuation by George256

Version 0.46

- Reworked the Killfeed
- Edited the camouflage on the M16A2
- Optimized the Announcement script
- Added scripts to the Objective GUI
- Lowered the M203 safe arming distance
- Changed the description of the M203
- Removed failed jump delay script
- Small lag reduction attempt
- Worked on the Demolition game mode

Version 0.45

- Added dynamic arm movement
- Weapons now move relatively to where you aim
- Movement now cause the weapon sway
- Added a 1 second delay between jumps (Failed)
- Jumping reduces hipfire accuracy
- Increased the safe arming distance of M203 grenades
- Kills with the M203 count towards gun kills
- Masks and police hats are now anchored after 2 seconds to reduce lag
- Added a Settings menu under Player tab to toggle the new arm movement
- Fixed “Tripple” Kill typo

Version 0.44

- Added Bounty system
- Added Rampage announcement for 5 kill streak
- Added Dominating announcement for 8 kill streak
- Added Flechettes to Shotguns
- Added new camouflage for prestige 4
- Increased bullet penetration
- Added Double Kill and Triple Kill Medals
- Changed Multi Kill Medal to four successive kills
- Removed Buzzkill Medal
- Replaced match bonus GUI with After Action Report

Version 0.43

- Added bullet penetration
- Added new camouflage for prestige 3
- Reworked the map Crash
- Edited spawns on the map Valley
- Fixed prestige mode resetting level to 0 instead of 1
- Fixed other minor glitches with prestige
- Worked on Vote Map

Version 0.42

- Added the G36C assault rifle
- Added new camouflage for prestige 2
- Enlarged the map Shipment
- Fixed some glitches with customization menu
- Fixed aiming animation on the SCAR-L
- Fixed range not decreasing on the silenced HK416
- Optimized camouflages for the ACR, UMP45 and R870
- Reworked camouflages for the Dragunov, Barrett M82 and AA-12
- Edited bullet impact sounds

Version 0.41

- Added new camouflage for prestige 1
- Added match bonus GUI
- Optimized popup GUI script
- Edited bullet impact sounds
- Reduced range on the TMP
- Enhanced saving and loading script
- Autosaves between rounds in case of crashes
- Edited C4 description in customization GUI

Version 0.40

- Added the map Village by alltoned1238
- Lowered the amount of XP needed to level up
- Added match bonus XP awarded at end of games
- Fixed pro perks glitches in customization menu

Version 0.39a

- Resolved most individual prestige glitch cases
- Fixed glitch where custom classes did not load

Version 0.39

- Increased maximum level to 75
- Added unlocking by level
- Added Prestige Mode
- Added Prestige into leaderboard
- Added new Authority thumbnail
- Reduced lunge range of the Riot Shield

Version 0.38b

- Fixed levels going over 50
- Fixed broken servers
- Actually removed the map Skyscraper from map list

Version 0.38a

- Fixed levels going over 50 (failed)
- Fixed broken servers (failed)

Version 0.38

- Edited the maps Territory and Valley
- Temporally removed the map Skyscraper (failed)
- First Blood now gives 200 XP instead of 100 XP
- Continued to script the leveling system
- Added an XP bar to bottom of HUD
- Repositioned the Killfeed GUI and the ammunition count GUI
- Sizes of bullet holes depend varies between weapons
- Added new bullet hit sound effects
- Increased volume of bullet hit sound effects
- Limited commands to prevent abuse
- Fixed bullet penetration through players

Version 0.37

- Added the map Skyscraper by REKIN
- Started scripting leveling system.
- Upgraded detonation script of the C4 to reduce lag
- Slightly increased recoil of the Barrett M82

Version 0.36

- Major changes to C4
- Start with 1 C4 instead of 2
- Press G a second time to detonate
- Increased range of the C4 explosion
- Added right click to aim
- Added particle effects on bullet impacts
- Explosive Tip kills show on killfeed and give Explosive Kill Medals

Version 0.35

- Added the map Warehouse by XGenesisX
- Fixed Explosive Tip kills not counting towards Huntsman kills (Explosive Tip fails to show on killfeed)
- Fixed the bugged fire rate of the MAC-11
- Fixed Silencer not reducing range on Glock 18
- Fixed Extended Mags not increasing reserve ammunition count on Glock 18

Version 0.34

- Added Bump Fire and Long Barrel attachments to M14
- Added Explosive Tip attachment to the Huntsman
- Added Muzzle Flash
- Added ability to shoot gun while switching to and from aiming mode
- Dying from changing teams and teleport glitch no longer counts towards deaths
- Debris and hats are cleared in between rounds
- Increased accuracy of the Huntsman when fully drawn
- Improved Huntsman’s hit detection
- Huntsman no longer deals lethal damage on legs
- Changed Huntsman description
- Edited spawn script
- Players no longer get stuck in lobby
- Decreased lag caused by the Huntsman

Version 0.33

- Added the Huntsman
- Added Admin Commands based on a simplified version of Person299’s script
- /kill
- /kick
- /ban
- Extended the map Thruway (Removed after update due to lag)
- Removed fall damage due to lag caused
- Lightweight grants 7% increase and Pro grants 10% increase

Version 0.32

- Added the TMP machine pistol
- Increased TEC-9 recoil
- Slightly increased hipfire accuracy of dual machine pistols
- Slightly decreased hipfire accuracy of dual handguns
- Decreased raise time of the USP and the Five-seven
- Decreased magazine capacity of P90 Extended Mags from 100 to 75
- Decreased recoil, range, rate of fire and damage on the M14
- Rapid fire on M14 slightly increases recoil
- Increased hipfire accuracy on the M14
- Changed M14 firing and reloading sounds
- Deselecting perks other than Overkill no longer removes second attachment

Version 0.31

- Hitmarker that indicates when shooting players with Spawn Force Field
- Edited Fall Damage
- Fixed starting spawns
- Corrected Lightweight movement speed multiplier
- Auto-save after each round

Version 0.30

- Edited Health GUI
- Added Fall Damage
- Lightweight increases movement speed by 10%
- Lightweight Pro negates fall damage
- Reduced recoil on the AK-47 and AUG
- Increased starting ammunition count on the AA-12
- Increased rate of fire on the MAC-11
- Decreased damage and range on the ACR
- Decreased range on the P90 and the Benelli M4
- Reduced Silencer range penalty on the Benelli M4
- Decreased hipfire accuracy of the Glock 18
- Updated Clan Tags

Version 0.29

- Added the Benelli M4
- Improved hit detection
- Bullet holes fades away
- Moved Riot Shield under Primary
- Edited the Kunai
- Changed starter secondary to USP
- Fixed Quickdraw for all weapons
- Fixed Steady Aim Pro
- Fixed bug on R700 reload

Version 0.28

- A winter holiday blizzard has hit some of the maps
- Added the Riot Shield
- Added the Crowd Control Medal for Riot Shield assists
- Increased server size to ten
- Increased the base damage of the R700
- Bullets penetrate through glass, weapons, and flesh
- New bullet hole system (Original script by Redditor)
- New clicking sound for no ammo
- Shortened the effect of flashbangs
- Slightly increased the recoil of the SCAR-L
- Decreased hipfire accuracy of the Duel Wielded MAC-11, Glock 18, TEC-9
- Improved Chat GUI
- Updated Clan Tags
- Fixed Kill Streak stat
- Testing fix for Quickdraw perk on Snipers (Success)
- Testing fix for the Shutdown Glitch (Success)

Version 0.27

- Added the R700 sniper
- Updated Clan Tags
- Improved Chat GUI
- Fixed Kill Streak stat (Failed)

Version 0.26

- Edited Custom Class GUI
- Added Players tab in Custom Class GUI
- Added Stats GUI
- Added Clan Tags
- Improved Chat GUI
- Kills count towards ROBLOX stats
- Sped up C4 throwing animation
- Teammates no longer triggers melee lunge
- Fixed Gold and new Camouflage not unlocking correctly

Version 0.25

- Added the MP7A1 sub machine gun
- Added new Camouflage
- Attachment unlock order changed for some weapons
- Reduced the effects of Rapid Fire
- Fixed glitches with Custom Class GUI
- Other minor edits

Version 0.24

- Added the map “2 Corp”
- Patched bug with Extended Mags on R870
- Edited Custom Class GUI
- Decreased spawn rates of tracer rounds
- Added tracer rounds for snipers
- Other minor edits

Version 0.23

- Added the USP handgun
- Added C4
- Added tracer rounds for aesthetics
- Added clicking sound for no ammo
- Reduced recoil on AK-47
- Improved melee hit detection
- Patched pre-round walking glitch
- Killfeed GUI improved
- Renamed “Ice” Camouflage to “Grayscale”
- Edited the map “Crash”
- Minor bug fixes and edits

Version 0.22

- Added the AK-47 assault rifle
- Major changes to the Barrett M82
- Added the new map “Winter Winds”
- New hazard of electrocution
- Improved melee
- Tweaked spawning scripts
- Small edits and bug fixes

Version 0.21

- Added the Barrett M82 sniper rifle
- The B key now fixes controls
- Renamed the “Mk14 EBR” to M14
- Reduced effect of Rapid Fire on P90
- Removed Halloween effects

Version 0.20a

- Added manual save command (“save”)
- Fixed silenced weapons not counting towards gun kills
- Fixed invincibility/gun jamming glitch

Version 0.20

- Halloween Update!
- Released Pro Perks
- Added the P90 sub machine gun
- Added the Slugs and Pump Grip attachments to R870
- Added the Long Barrel attachment
- Added the Select Fire attachment to M16A2
- Added the Grip attachment to assault rifles
- Striker Grip attachment changed to Stock
- Grip now reduces flinch instead of recoil
- Rapid Fire can now be paired with Extended Mags via Overkill
- M203 can now be paired with most other attachments via Overkill
- Fixed range not changing when using Silencer
- Tweaked Rapid Fire on M16A2
- Slightly reduced M16A2 rate of fire
- Reduced Anaconda reload time
- Increased Anaconda hipfire accuracy
- Fixed bullets in the Anaconda not appearing correctly
- Stopped Recon effects from applying to the user
- KillCam shows the killer’s equipped perks
- Tweaked flinching mechanic
- Improved data persistence
- Teams are now based on kills and deaths
- Added team switching command (“switch teams”)
- Minor bug fixes

Version 0.19

- Added the Anaconda handgun
- Reduced Striker damage and range
- Decreased Striker, Mk14, and duel wield hipfire accuracy
- Increased Camouflage unlock requirement
- Patched assists counting as kills for Kill Streak
- Fixed the score glitch
- Preparing for release of Pro Perks
- Preparing for Halloween update
- Investigating on the Shutdown Glitch

Version 0.18

- Added the Striker shotgun
- Added the Kunai
- New map called Crash by Soultaker435
- Edited the map Harbor
- Edited the map Station
- Added the Stuck Medal for the Semtex
- Added GUI effects for people stuck with Semtex
- Patched assists counting as kills for Kill Streak (Failed)
- Fixed the score glitch (Failed)
- Pro perks added but cannot be unlocked yet
- Preparing for Halloween update

Version 0.17

- Added the Mk14 EBR assault rifle
- Added the HK416 assault rifle
- Added the Desert Eagle handgun
- Added the Motion Sensor
- Increased kills needed for Gold camouflage
- Edited the map Cargo
- Edited the map Harbor
- Bug fixes and minor edits

Version 0.16

- Customizable Kill Streaks
- Scripted the Specialist Kill Streak
- Data persistence for class and stats
- Camouflage and Attachment unlock system
- Added the Tactical Insertion
- Added the Ninja perk
- Added Duel Wield to TEC-9
- Increased TEC-9 recoil
- Created an intro for the game
- Implemented movement sounds
- Added the Buzzkill Medal
- Edits on the map Harbor
- Improved chat GUI scripts

Version 0.15

- Added Camouflage on guns
- Added the SCAR-L assault rifle
- Added the TEC-9 machine pistol
- New map called Cargo
- Added the Engineer perk
- Ability to pick up AP Mines
- Reduced time in and out of sprint
- Improved Tac-50 bolt animation
- Reduced parts on the Five-seven
- Patched Custom Class glitches
- MAC-11 and M84 Flash fixed
- Map edits on Hedges
- Minor bug fixes and edits

Version 0.14

- Added the M16A2 assault rifle
- Added the R870 shotgun
- Added the AP Mine
- KillCam showing the killer on death
- Enforcement now wears police hats instead
- Reduced flinch
- Bug fixes to the Custom Class GUI
- Added proper drowning on Harbor
- Reduced zoom on the Sniper Rifles again
- Minor edits

Version 0.13

- Custom Class! (Almost)
- Added the M83 Smoke grenade
- Added screen shake when shot
- Reduced zoom on the Sniper Rifles
- Crouch script improved
- New map called Harbor
- Small map edits

Version 0.12

- Added the UMP45
- Added ability to crouch
- Rewrote the description
- Damage detection improved
- Increased recoil on ACR
- Reduced recoil on Dragunov and AUG
- Removed flame effect when shooting
- Minor bug fixes
- Started working on custom classes

Version 0.11

- Scripted the perk Scavenger
- Added ACR
- Enhanced hit detection for splash damage
- Edited maps
- Fixed nametags and kill detection
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Removed Herobrine

Version 0.10

- Added explosive Oil Drums into maps
- Edited the map Shipment
- Fixed spawning after game is over
- Fixed jamming after switching guns

Version 0.09

- Bug fixes on the M203 attachment
- Nametag glitch fix attempt
- Picked up Duel Wield guns are fixed
- Teams scramble at start of each game
- Team names changed
- Round end camera on Hedges repositioned

Version 0.08

- Added Tac-50, a high damage bolt-action sniper rifle
- Built the new map “Station”
- Created an additional set of clothes for the Blue Team
- Changed scoring system for Team Deathmatch

Version 0.07

- Added ability to pick up dropped weapons
- New game picture created
- Minor bug fixes

Version 0.06

- Added MP5K
- Added Duel Wield attachment to Glock 18
- Created temporary Grenade Launcher reticle
- Round end camera work improved

Version 0.05

- Added Glock 18
- Improved Grenade Launcher
- HUD Improved
- New death works 100%
- Leaderboard stats now reset at start of each game
- Various minor bug fixes

Version 0.04

- Improved AUG with usable scope and working Grenade Launcher
- Changed HUD fonts
- Implemented a new death to reduce lag
- Tracer rounds removed due to lag caused
- Improved Console on chat
- Added new image

Version 0.03

- Added the AUG Assault Rifle with limited attachments
- Bugs on the map Hedges are fixed
- Reduced gun parts
- Enhanced glass shatter script
- Edited chat GUI
- Time bug resolved

Version 0.02

- Added a new map called Hedges
- Created new chat GUI
- Flashbangs added to compliment Grenades.

Version 0.01

- Open Beta Released
- Added a new map called Hedges
- Created new chat GUI
- Implemented grenade system with Frag Grenade
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Yannick10 is not online. Yannick10
Joined: 14 Nov 2008
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10 May 2013 02:06 PM
Add dynamic lighting when you fire the guns.

And flash suppressors.
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ShadowOblivionX is not online. ShadowOblivionX
Joined: 24 Jul 2012
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10 May 2013 02:08 PM
That's... HUGE..

✯ Everyday I'm foruming ✯
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Mo7phR is not online. Mo7phR
Joined: 13 May 2011
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10 May 2013 02:08 PM
"- Added jump delay (Thanks to Litozinnamon =D)"

THANK YOU JESUS. People who kept jumping are so annoying.
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Hyraphax is not online. Hyraphax
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10 May 2013 02:10 PM
Oh goodie. No clue what Intervention is, but I'll soon find out.
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michael1784 is not online. michael1784
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11 May 2013 01:18 AM
Intervention is a sniper
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Robloxianpilotknight is not online. Robloxianpilotknight
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11 May 2013 01:21 AM
Spooky, I sent you a script about a week ago that could enhance gameplay. By my guess, you have chosen not to use it? It was the one that decreased lag greatly, while allowing you to throw grenades, sprint, ETC ETC with no weapons equipped.
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curlyawesomeace is not online. curlyawesomeace
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11 May 2013 05:56 PM
I played authority since 0.33 and after a while when levels were added i was 38 then i got to lvl 42 and quit. I rejoined and i was lvl 38. SO i did that 5 times during updates and every time i rejoin im level 38

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awesome404 is not online. awesome404
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11 May 2013 05:56 PM
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durestudios is not online. durestudios
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14 May 2013 11:16 PM
I appreciate what you guys do. It's a great game and I look forward to it in the future. PRESTIEGE 2
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durestudios is not online. durestudios
Joined: 13 Nov 2008
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14 May 2013 11:17 PM
+ No offense, but your game seems a lot like CoD MW2 & MW3. Try to go for your own stuff, create ideas. + blowdarts are kinda lame.... =P (haters gonna hate)
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