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Unofficial Guide to Authority (Version 0.46)

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Unofficial Guide to Authority(UGA) (Up to date as of beta version 0.46)

┌———┤Introduction (READ THIS FIRST)├———┐
Welcome to the Unofficial Guide to Authority, and I hope you find the knowledge bound within useful in your efforts to become a better fighter in Spookyfox's and Logitech's collaborative project FPS, Authority. This guide is extremely large and laden with vast amounts of text, so I hope you aren't illiterate. This guide is also directed towards the completely new player, if you do not meet that requisite I suggest you simply skim through my observations on weapons and perks, then go to the Tips and Q&A section. Maybe come back every once in a while to look at what new things I've got and to look at perks and weapons you might want to use.

Should you not know what Authority is, there is a link at the end. Should you be looking for something specific, press "Control key + F" and you can use that to search for keywords such as: M16A2, Prestige, etc.

Also, I added an rating system in version 0.46 of the Unofficial Guide to Authority so you can search for, say, only 10/10 ratings for example. most of the ratings have two, one for the base weapon or item and one for the best version of that weapon or item, and to account for how skilled the user is at it. Sure, I'm opinionated and biased, but it's informed bias. If you disagree, congratulations; you have a free will, good for you.

I would like to thank all those who helped and gave suggestions, and the few hundred that repeatedly gave their life so I could vigorously test (Read: play with) these weapons, perks, tactics, and other such things.

┌—┤Changes to the guide in this version:├—┐
-Added changelog section for the guide.
-Added information detail about weapons, tacticals, and lethals.. (Story time. I hope you people appreciate the time it took me to do this.)
-Added a rating system for overall usefulness(1-10 out of 10)
-Added information regarding the rating system in two places.
-Added entry for the Blowgun in Secondary - Specials, despite having no information about it.
-Subtly altered some descriptions.
-Added a few more tips.
-Many minor unimportant changes.

┌———┤Customization Screen├———┐
When you first go into Authority, you will be greeted with the loading screen. After said loading screen you will go directly into your customization screen, which gives access all the basic tabs that you use to customize your character (Primary, Secondary, Perks I, etc). Along with that is the Player tab, which has a list of assorted things that you may find useful. (Hard EXP numbers, KDR, kills, deaths, Prestige Mode, etc.)

Before we go into customization, I'd like to give some nice information. First of all, you level by gaining kills and getting points, and you level to 75 at which point you cap. When you get there you can either stay there and farm the poor new players or Prestige, which sets you back to level 1 and gets rid of all your Pro Perks. You do this to get a new camo each Prestige and so others can see your "leet" skills at grinding EXP. (Way to go, hero.)

You begin with the MP5K, USP, M84 Flash, M67 Frag, Recon, Quickdraw, and Quick Learner. At this stage you can't change them, but as you level up and gain kills there are all sorts of different weaponry and attachments to equip for your killing pleasure. At the end I have a useful link for what you unlock at any given level.

┌———┤Weapons, Camos, & Attachments├———┐
This is the reason you wanted to play the game, right? Pewpewpew and all that. I labeled the level requirement on the left side of the weapon title, and the available attachments on the right side. All for your exclusive viewing pleasure. You're welcome. As I mentioned in some place I can't remember every attachment going from left-right is 20 more kills, so if something was the third in the row you would need 60 kills to acquire it.

┌—┤Assault Rifles├—┐
Assault Rifles are a soldier's best friend, and like soldiers they are varied to suit every purpose, from long range cover-based combat to quick guerilla warfare incursions. If you can master the AR, you will be able to control the battlefield at all ranges in a variety of ways.
2 - HK146 - Silencer, M203, Grip, FMJ, Extended Mags - 6-7/10
The fully-automatic Heckler & Koch HK416, using an AR-15 platform and conceived as an improvement to the Colt M4 Carbine family for the US military, first issued in 2005. Basic all-around useful AR, high accuracy and consistancy but with lower damage and fire rate. Nice and easy to get, too, so it is your first long-range weapon to speak of.
16 - M16A2 - Silencer, M203, Select Fire, Grip, FMJ, Extended Mags, Rapid Fire - 4-7/10
The American-made M16A2, requested by the USMC after their combat experience in Vietnam with the XM16E1 and M16A1, and being issued in the early-mid 1980s. Nice long-range assault rifle with a 3-round burst firing mode, this is your weapon if you want to kill from range fast, although may be found lacking in close quarters combat unless you use Select Fire.
30 - SCAR-L - Silencer, M203, Grip, FMJ, Extended Mags - 8-9/10
The Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) is an fully-automatic modular rifle made by FN Herstal for the US for the SCAR competition, and first issued in 2009. Medium-ranged assault rifle with high damage, moderate accuracy, and a good firing rate it can dish out a lot of hurt very fast, although firing in bursts may be necessary for long range kills.
40 - ACR - Silencer, M203, Grip, FMJ, Extended Mags - 7-9/10
The fully-automatic Advanced Combat Rifle, first devoloped by Magpul Industries and later by Bushmaster, was first made to replace the M16, and first being issued in 2010. Nearly nonexistant recoil with low damage and does not possess a high fire rate. This is a good all-around weapon, and is useful at nearly any range. It's like shooting pillows, and like pillows, it doesn't do a terrible amount of damage.
49 - G36C - Silencer, M203, Grip, FMJ, Extended Mags - 9-10/10
The fully-automatic Heckler and Koch G36 was designed in the early 1990s to replace the earlier G3. The C, for Compact, subcarbine model was part of the G36K devolopement, and designed as a small mobile weapon. Good handling and acceptable damage, this is a very versatile weapon, with a great deal of maneuverability. The gun's speed and ease of use has earned the praise, and disdain, of many fighters.
52 - M14 - Silencer, M203, Rapid Fire, Grip, FMJ, Bump Fire, Long Barrel, Extended Mags 6-9/10
The United States Rifle, 7.62 mm, M14 is an semi-automatic American-made battle rifle that has seen action since 1959, and is also famed for being the last American battle rifle. The only semi-automatic rifle, this is nearly a sniper rifle with no scope and a higher rate of fire. This is very powerful if you can get the recoil under control long enough to get a few hits in.
57 - AK-47 - Silencer, M203, Grip, FMJ, Extended Mags - 7-8/10
The fully-automatic Soviet-made Avtomat Kalashnikova, designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov for the USSR in 1945. The AK-47 is designed for low cost mass-production and durability, and is widely used for it. There are more AK-47s than any other firearm in the world. Very high damage and very high recoil, this is an weapon not to be trifled with. The power is offset by a lower rate of fire. Very good weapon in nearly all scenarios, but long range combat may be difficult with its recoil. Russians make the best guns.
61 - AUG - Silencer, M203, Grip, FMJ, Extended Mags - 9-10/10
The Steyr Armee Universal Gewehr (Universal Army Rifle) is an fully-automatic Austrian bullpup assault rifle designed in the 1960s by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co KG, and adopted by the Austria Army as the StG 77 (Sturmgewehr 77) in 1978. The only scoped assault rifle. This is a very unique weapon with a high rate of fire and moderate damage. In scoped you can decimate from range in burst-firing tactics, or you can hipfire in close range for a deadly barrage. Do not let its awkward shape decieve you, this is a machine of death.

┌—┤Sub Machine Guns├—┐
Sub Machine Guns are the weapons of choice for assassins, hitmen, and general neer'do'wells everywhere with their high fire speeds and concealiblity. If you can master the fast-paced combat of the SMG, you will surely destroy your foes with ease in CQC.
1 - MP5K - Silencer, Rapid Fire, Long Barrel, FMJ, Extended Mags - 5-8/10
The Maschinenpistole 5 (Machine Pistol Model 5) is a German SMG made by Heckler & Koch. The K, or Kurz(Short) version is an shortened version of the MP5A2, designed for general close quarters combat. The classical SMG, high damage and well rounded stats suited for close quarters combat. As a starter weapon, this is a very good choice.
6 - UMP45 - Silencer, Rapid Fire, Long Barrel, FMJ, Extended Mags - 6-7/10
The Universale Maschinenpistole(Universal Machine Pistol) is an German SMG designed by Heckler and Koch to replace the MP5. The UMP45 is an variant of the UMP, firing an .45 ACP cartridge. Very large amount of damage coupled with good accuracy, although lacking fire rate. This is a nice weapon for nearly all purposes.
26 - MAC-11 - Silencer, Stock, Long Barrel, FMJ, Extended Mags, Rapid Fire, Duel Wield - 6-8/10
The Military Armament Corporation Model 11 is an machine pistol developed by an the American gun designer Gordon Ingram during the 1970s as a smaller version of the Model 10, and to use the smaller .380 ACP round. The MAC-11 has an blistering fire rate and damage, but with an extremely strong recoil and low range. This weapon, when used correctly in CQC, can wipe out large enemy groups in an blink of an eye.
36 - P90 - Silencer, Rapid Fire, Long Barrel, FMJ, Extended Mags - 9-10/10
The FN P90 is an fully-automatic PDW designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium, but could also be considered an SMG or compact AR. Huge ammo capacity, good fire rate, and good amount of damage. This is the Rambo-Gun by all accounts, as it allows you to take on very large amounts of enemies and come out alive. You can make this weapon even more powerful by using attachments.
55 - MP7A1 - Silencer, Stock, Rapid Fire, Long Barrel, FMJ, Extended Mags - 7-9/10
The MP7 is an German fully-automatic PDW manufactured by Heckler & Koch, while the A1 is an newer version with more compact ironsights and other minor changes concerning size. Low recoil and good rate of fire, although does not deal a large amount of damage. This is a very versatile SMG that can be used in a variety of environments.

┌—┤Sniper Rifles├—┐
Sniper Rifles are the epitome of long range combat, with their whole purpose designed around bringing death from a distance. If you can master the sniper's art, you are to be feared and revered.
10 - Dragunov - Extended Mags, Silencer, FMJ - 4-6/10
The Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (SVD) is an semi-automatic DMR devoloped by Soviet Union as an long-range weapon to compensate for the close-ranged weapons used by standard Soviet soldiers. Since then, it has been adopted as the standard squad support weapon for multiple contries. Has low recoil and good damage, with 2-hit kill bodyshots or 1-hit headshots. Useful for mid-range sniping, and the fire rate allows for quick follow up shots. The shortest-ranged sniper rifle, but still decent.
42 - R700 - Extended Mags, FMJ - 9-10/10
The Model 700 series of bolt-action sniper rifles has been manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962 for the United States, designed for mass production and available in many different configurations. Has well-rounded stats for a sniper rifle, as it gets 1-2 hit kills and has a good fire rate for a bolt-action. It also has very good handling, for when you need to reposition yourself under fire. The best sniper rifle, and overall best weapon, in my opinion.
60 - Tac-50 - Extended Mags, FMJ - 5-7/10
The McMillan Tac-50 bolt-action sniper rifle was produced in the US by the McMillan Brothers Rifle Company as a long-range anti-materiel & anti-personnel rifle. It once held the record of the longest ranged sniper kill in history at 2,430 meters, or 1.509 miles. This is the perfect marksman's rifle with extremely high damage(1 shot head and torso kills), although its fire rate is very low. You want to kill in the first shot, otherwise you likely won't kill at all.
69 - Barrett M82 - Extended Mags, Silencer, FMJ - 6-9/10
The M82 is an semi-automatic long-range rifle designed by the American Barrett Firearms Maufacturing company for use in anti-personnel or anti-materiel capacities. Extremely high recoil and a great amount of damage with 1 hit bodyshots and headshots. If the recoil is managed you can use this weapon to great effect, as it works like the Dragunov with higher damage and recoil. The main issue I have with this is that it is huge, gaudy, and ugly. It gives the impression you're surely compensating for something...

Shotguns are the preferred weapons of tough guys and zombie hunters everywhere, with their close range combat and brutal fight ending abilities. One who masters the Shotgun will have nothing to fear from neither dead nor living.
4 - R870 - Silencer, Stock, Flechettes, Long Barrel, Extended Mags, Slugs, Pump Grip - 7-9/10
The Model 870 is an U.S. made pump-action shotgun manufactured by the Remington Arms Company, commonly used for self-defense, hunting, or military and law enforcement. Later, a Chinese company named Norinco illegally copied the weapon, and now in the US all Norinco products are specifically non-importable. Extremely high damage, and capable of 1 hit kills if the full set of shot hits. The range is also quite good for a shotgun, and is also very versatile with it's many varying attachments. The only fallback is its rate of fire, if you miss or are outnumbered you are likely going to die.
22 - AA-12 - Stock, Silencer, Flechettes, Extended Mags - 3-5/10
The Auto Assault-12 or Atchisson Assault Shotgun is an fully-automatic shotgun developed by Maxwell Atchisson in 1972, and still used today. The original weapon also is the basis of multiple later weapons, such as the USAS-12 combat shotgun. The AA-12 has a high rate of fire, but with low damage and an even lower range. This is only a good weapon when you are extremely close to your targets. Although, when you get in range nearly nothing can stop you.
50 - Benelli M4 - Silencer, Stock, Flechettes, Long Barrel, Extended Mags - 6-8/10
The Benelli M4 Super 90, or the M1014, is an Italian made semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Benelli Armi SpA in response to the US Armed Services' request for a new shotgun, and now used by special forces in many places around the world. The Benelli M4 has good damage and fire rate, this is the R870's smaller sibling with the same mechanics and uses. In my opinion, the versatilty of the R870 makes this useless unless you are fighting more than one enemy or you can't land the first hit.
59 - Striker - Silencer, Stock, Flechettes, Long Barrel, Extended Mags - 5-7/10
The Armsel Striker is an semi-automatic shotgun created in Rhodesia by Hilton Walker in 1983, designed for riot control and combat situations. The Striker has low range and damage, but the ammo clip is large for a shotgun and is good for going against enemy groups, or that one enemy that keeps jumping. A lot. Really. Kill him and shoot his corpse.

For when no other catagory makes sense, so far this only includes the Riot Shield.
73 - Riot Shield - Light Frame, Dual Grip - 6-7/10
The Riot Shield is an modern version of an old tool, with the same purpose: defense. Its developement predates history, and was often made out of wood and animal skins. This ballistic shield is less a weapon than a utility tool, this keeps you defended against enemy fire and aggression, not to mention explosives if you turn your shield in the explosion's direction. It does not have a large capacity for doing damage, though, as you can only shield bash with it. This is very useful in close quarters combat as you can melee without much fear of enemy fire. Watch for enemies behind you and enemies with Kunai, as both may lead to your destruction.

Handguns, fully-automatic more deadly versions of handguns, and a bow. O, the options. Use these weapons to compensate for the flaws your main weapon has, whether it be close range or long range combat.

Handguns are the weapons that you fall back on when all your plans have failed and there is no place to turn. These are the weapons of the last stand, and he who commands these weapons with power should be praised for their ability to cope with lesser weaponry, and hated for their abnormal ability.
1 - USP - Silencer, Duel Wield, FMJ, Extended Mags - 6-8/10
The Universale Selbstladepistole(Universal self-loading pistol) is an semi-automatic handgun developed in Germany by Heckler and Koch in 1989, as a replacement for the P7 series of handguns. The USP has a good rate of fire and acceptable damage, and also has a very fast reload speed. This is a good stealth pistol as it is quiet and can be equipped with a silencer.
48 - Anaconda - Duel Wield, FMJ - 6-7/10
The Colt Anaconda is a aemi-automatic revolver developed in the USA by the Colt's Manufacturing Company in 1990. The Anaconda does a great deal of damage, although it has a small clip size and a long reload time. This is good if you are a savant with a revolver, or believe you have the luck to kill an enemy with 6 rounds.
56 - Five-Seven - Silencer, Duel Wield, FMJ, Extended Mags - 6-7/10
The FN Five-seveN(sic) is a semi-automatic handgun designed and manufactured by FN Herstal and Belgium in 1998. The Five-seveN currently in service with military and law enforcement forces in over 40 nations, not to mention the US Secret Service. The Five-SeveN has a good-sized clip, although lower damage than other pistols. This is an good side-arm, as if you are panicked enough to pull it out the clip size allows you to spray your pistol every which way, though you don't do much damage.
65 - Desert Eagle - Duel Wield, FMJ, Extended Mags - 7-8/10
The Israel Military Industries Desert Eagle is an semi-automatic handgun designed by Magnum Research in the US in 1979. The Desert Eagle has been in around 500 movies and TV films, increasing popularity and boosting sales. The Desert Eagle has high damage and high recoil, not unlike the Anaconda. The main difference is that the Anaconda is a revolver with 6 shots and this is an handgun with 8.

┌—┤Machine Pistols├—┐
Machine Pistols are a less picky breed of Handguns. When it comes to targets, they'll generally hit everything down the range whether you were aiming at it or not. Those who master the Machine Pistols are able to dominate the battlefield with these tiny weapons of mass destruction. Seriously, though. Don't underestimate these things.
14 - TMP - Silencer, Duel Wield, FMJ, Extended Mags - 7-9/10
The Steyr Taktische Maschinenpistole (Tactical Machine Pistol) is an fully-automatic handgun manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher of Austria in 1992. The TMP has low recoil and good damage, although with a slower draw speed that usual. It is nearly as powerful as a standard sub machine gun, and is quite lethal despite its secondary status.
63 - TEC-9 - Silencer, Duel Wield, FMJ, Extended Mags - 5-6/10
The Intratec TEC-9 is a fully-automatic handgun developed in Sweden by Interdynamic AB of Stockholm, for use as a cheap SMG for military applications. However, Interdynamic AB never found a government buyer, so the TEC-9 was redesigned and then sold to the US as an semi-automatic pistol. The TEC-9 has low recoil but with low damage. In my opinion, you are better off with the TMP or the Glock 18.
72 - Glock 18 - Silencer, Duel Wield, FMJ, Extended Mags - 6-8/10
The Glock pistol is a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Glock Ges.m.b.H in Austria. The Glock 18 is a machine-pistol-class variant of the Glock 17, designed at the request of an Austrian counter-terrorist unit. The Glock 18 has high recoil and high damage, this is a good panic weapon as you can spray your bullets in their general direction, and if they are hurt enough they'll most surely perish in your rightious fury.

Specials are for the more unique and skilled warriors who desire a little change of pace when it comes to combat. Those who master these interesting weapons are able to fight with more style and grace than most others.
?? - Blowgun - ??
The blowgun is an long-used primitive weapon used by many cultures to hunt small game or rarely as an anti-personnel weapon. The actual blowfun was often made out of shaped wood or the stalks of cane, with the projectiles being small rocks or darts.
74 - Huntsman - Explosive Tip - 4-8/10
The bow is an ancient projectile weapon that predates recorded history, and was common in many cultures. The Huntsman is a short self bow(sic) that can kill in one hit to an enemy's torso, arms, or head, but requires you to be a archer of great skill to use it in combat against enemy gunners. The explosive tip turns this into an neat utility weapon, as it gives you a lot of explosive ammo to use against enemies.

Attachment is a blanket term for anything you use on your gun, and sometimes even specialized tactics. Use these to make your weapon more unique and better fitted for your style. To unlock an attachment, you must acquire kills on the weapon you desire the attachment to be on. The attachments come in increments of 20 kills, and after you unlock it you must equip it manually. You can only equip 1 at a time, or 2 with the Overkill perk.
Silencer - Does not disclose your position when you fire, but shortens your effective range. Useful for close range stealth combat. - 7-9/10
Stock - Reduces recoil, only useful for very very high recoiled weaponry. - 3-4/10
Duel Wield - Give you a weapon in each hand, increasing how much lead you put out but reducing accuracy by a great deal, useful for spray and pray close range combat. - 4-6/10
Flechettes - Increases penetration through enemy targets and raises accuracy. Quite useful as it makes for more reliable kills.. 6- 8/10
Long Barrel - Grants longer ranges to your weaponry, which is always useful. That extra range may mean the difference between an kill or a death. - 7-9/10
Extended Mags - Grants around 50% greater ammo capacity, which is always useful since reloading at a bad time will kill you. - 8-10/10
FMJ ammunition - Increases bullet penetration through materials such as walls and cover, useful if the map is filled with cover or you know enemy positions behind walls through means such as Recon or Motion Sensors. - 5-6/10
Grip - Reduces the effect flinch has on you when you take damage, useful for when you know you are going to take damage and want to come out of it alive. - 2-3/10
Rapid Fire - Increases your rate of fire by an great deal. Remember though, that with great fire rate comes great recoil. - 3-6/10
Explosive Tip - The only attachment bows get, turns your stealthy weapon of death into a silly toy that shoots what are pretty much sticky grenades. I wouldn't advise using this, as the delay between firing and explosion are so long to make this nearly unviable as an weapon. - 1-2/10
Light Frame - Increases the speed of your Riot Shield melee attacks at the expense of reduced durability. I don't often have problems with lack of durability, so this can be useful. - 3-5/10
Dual Grip - Grants a knockback effect to your Riot Shield melee, good for fighting enemy melee and other Riot Shields as you can control the fight moreso than your foes. - 3-4/10
Bump Fire - Allows you to utilize your M14 as an fully-automatic rifle, useful for suppressive fire, close range combat, or for when repeatedly smashing your mouse key in vain is beginning to damage your mouse. (And worry the inhabitants of the room) - 2-4/10
M203 Grenade Launcher - Attaches an underbarrel grenade launcher to your weapon, useful for AOE splash damage and suppresive scare tactics. Fear gravity and fear Blast Shield. To use this, press E while you have the correct attachment equipped and your weapon out, your weapon will rise and your crosshair will change, in this made you fire using a single left mouse click. Press E again to disengage this mode. - 4-6/10
Select Fire - Grants an fully-automatic firing mode to your M16A2, which allows you to perform better in close combat scenarios. A master who knows when to use full-auto and when to use three-round-burst will be a deadly weapon on the battlefield. To switch between modes, press E. - 4-7/10

Also known as skins, camos are used for decorating your primary weapons and showing off your achievements in style. These offer no bonuses, and are only cosmetic in function. Choose what you think looks the best, or choose the one that is hardest to achieve, it's your choice. The number on the left is the requirement to get it, if it is a number it means the amount of kills on that weapon you need, if it is a roman numeral it means the Prestige level you need.

0 - Clean
No camo, standard weapon coloring.
15 - Desert
Tan and normal colorings.
30 - Grayscale
Varying shades of grey.
45 - Olive
Light greens along with normal colorings.
60 - Woodland
Dark greens along with normal colorings.
75 - Snow
White and black.
90 - Blue
Dark blue along with normal colorings.
105 - Red
Dark red along with normal colorings.
200 - Gold
Completely covered in gold foil, shining with the light of your achievements. (Seriously though, 200 kills isn't much.)
Gold in all weapons of that class - Diamond
Covered in light-blue diamonds, so you can stay in style while staying alive.
I - Inverted
Like Snow, except inverted colors.
II - Bloodstained
Blood red and black.
III - Pink
Pink and light blue, for all your amusing needs.
IV - Toxic
Noxiously bright neon green and black.
V - To be released
VI - To be released
VII - To be released
IIX - To be released
IX - To be released
X - To be released

┌——┤Tacticals & Lethals├——┐
Tacticals and Lethals are the utility portion of your customization, from everything such as Fragmentation Grenades and Flashbangs to Kunai and Motion Sensors. You begin with a M67 Frag and an M84 Flash. To use the M67 Frag, like all other Lethals, you must press G. To utilize the M84 Flash, like all other Tacticals, you must use T.

1 - M67 Frag - 8/10
The M67 is an fragmentation hand grenade used by the United States military since 1975, as an replacement for the M61 and Mk 2 "pineapple" grenades. The M67 is the standard explosive fare, and it explodes with an pretty good radius and can be cooked so the enemy has less time to get away.
34 - Semtex - 4-6/10
The Semtex is a shortened term for a special type of spherical grenade filled with semtex, guarded with a soft shell, and covered in an adhesive. When the grenade comes in contact with an object, the grenade's soft spherical shell collapses to cover the object, and detonated 4 seconds by the timed detonator cap. A sticky grenade by any other name is still a sticky grenade, and still operates as one. It sticks to players and walls, allowing for delayed detonation sneaky combat tactics.
53 - Kunai - 1-10/10
A kunai is an Japanese tool derived likely from the masonry trowel, and which ninjas used as a tool and a stabbing weapon later on. Most ninja weapons are actually adapted farming implements or other tools in ample supply. In reality, kunai were not likely throwing weapons, and were often either used as tools(Gouging holes in walls, breaking door knobs, climbing, et cetera) or as a stabbing weapon. In Authority it is a throwing knife that is stealthy, kills instantly, and requires a great deal of skill to use well. This is not a very good weapon unless you have ninja blood in you and can master it. Can be picked off of an enemy corpse after you use it, which is very useful as you will never run out. I should also note that this is great for taking out Riot Shields, as they penetrate the shield.
62 - AP Mine - 5-7/10
The given anti-personnel mines are a form of blast mines used against enemy personnel, with a delayed reaction explosive. When the mine detects tremors, it launches itself into the air using vented explosive fuel, and spends the rest of the fuel detonating moments later. The AP mine is well suited for defending passages and sniper nests. When it detects an enemy it jumps into the air and explodes after a short delay. Alternatively, you can shoot it for an instant explosion, and you can shoot an enemy's to explosively disarm theirs.
70 - C4 - 4-7/10
Composition C, or C4, is an common variety of plastic explosive with many uses. In reality, it is easily molded into cracks and voids, and also very stable, meaning that a gunshot would not detonate it. In Authority, it is a thrown remote detonated plastic explosive, useful for placement into enemy groups to be detonated at the perfect moment. Throw and detonate with F. You can also shoot it to detonate as well, whether it is yours or an enemy's.

1 - M84 Flash - 7/10
The M84 is an stun grenade made for disorientation in the service of the United States Army since 1995 to the present. You are given two flashbangs that are useful for quick insertions and taking out groups of enemies with little difficulty. Beware Blast Shield Pros, and throwing the grenade against the wall to have it bounce back at you.
44 - M83 Smoke - 4-6/10
The M83 is an American-issue smoke grenade filled with an chemical agent that produces a thick white smoke when burned. Smoke grenades are a mixed blessing. They make sure the enemy can't see you, but you can't see them as well. Although, if you have Recon and/or you have silenced weapon it can be quite a boon. Throw into rooms filled with enemies to pick them off one by one in the fog, or throw it near you so snipers can't hit you.
58 - Tactical Insertion - 7-8/10
Tactical insertions are technological beacons that allow the vehicle that is dropping you off at the battle sight get the exact coordinates of the area you need to be. In game terms, it allows you to place your own static spawn point, although wherever you spawn you won't have a spawn shield, so be careful where you place it.
71 - Motion Sensor - 7-10/10
Tomographic sensors are a type of motion sensor that senses disturbances to radio waves as they travel through an area, and has the ability to detect through walls and obstructions. The one used in Authority is an static motion sensor that detects and points out all nearby enemies, even through walls. This is useful if you need intelligence on where enemies are and for planning attacks. Also useful for shooting through thin walls. Ghost Pro nullifies the effects of this, though.

┌——┤Perks & Killstreaks├——┐
Perks are another way of customization, and can help you in any number of varied ways. Killstreaks work the same way, except you require a certain amount of kills before you get the passive bonus. The rating system has two ratings here, one for standard version and one for pro version.

┌—┤Tier I├—┐
1 - Recon - 3-8/10
Explosions you cause tag enemies. Pro version makes bullets as well as explosions tag enemies, which is useful for sniping.
8 - Sleight of Hand - 8-9/10
Cuts reload time in half, which is useful for your more cumbersome weaponry. Pro version allows you to switch weaponry twice as fast, which is also useful.
20 - Marathon - 4-5/10
Allows you to sprint for longer periods of time, for when you need to get somewhere fast. Pro version allows you to sprint forever.
38 - Scavenger - 6-10/10
Allows you to replenish your ammo from corpses by walking over the masks and hats with your weapon up, which is very useful. Pro version grants extra ammuntion on spawn, which is also useful, especially for snipers or weaponry that require a lot of ammunition to use properly.
66 - Overkill - 8-8.5/10
Grants the use of two attachments, for when one just isn't enough. useful for when your weapon has a lot of useful attachments like P90 or R870. Pro versions gives you more grenades, 1 Tactical and 1 Lethal.

┌—┤Tier II├—┐
1 - Quickdraw - 5-7/10
Aiming time is halved, useful for cumbersome weaponry. Pro version makes equipment usage twice as speedy, useful for spamming grenades.
12 - Blast Shield - 8-10/10
Increases explosive resistance, which is always useful. Pro version reduces blindness from the M82 Flash Grenade, which is incredibly useful.
24 - Hardline - 4-4.5/10
One less kill to get a kill streak, (1 for the first, 3 for the second, etc.). Pro version makes every two assists act as one kill for killstreaks. Altogether this isn't very useful, as I'm always getting killstreaks.
48 - Lightweight - 6-7/10
7% increased walking speed, which is surprisingly useful. Pro version grants 10% increased speed, which is also useful, but not a very large difference.
67 - Ghost - 3-6/10
Halves enemy Recon duration, which isn't too useful as not many people use Recon. Pro version makes you immune to Motion Sensors, which is very useful.

┌—┤Tier III├—┐
1 - Quick Learner - 3-3.5/10
Increases EXP earned for kills, (By 20% I believe.)this isn't very useful as you level up very fast already. Pro version gives all actions a bonus in EXP, which still isn't too useful.
18 - Stalker - 8-9/10
Moves at the same speed as walking when you are aiming, extremely useful for slower weaponry or for countering snipers. Pro version grants a 2 second delay to enemy AP Mine detonation, which is surprisingly useful for saving your skin.
28 - Engineer - 5-7/10
Allows you to detect enemy AP Mines and Tactical Insertions. Pro version allows you to detect all enemy materiel. Good for those who like to stay aware and cooperative team players who will call out enemy equipment for their teammates.
54 - Steady Aim - 8-9/10
Increases hip fire accuracy, useful for guns that have low accuracy or for noscoping. Pro version reduces the downtime between sprinting and having the weapon at the ready. This is very useful for those who like to outmaneuver their enemies instead of outgun them.
68 - Ninja - 4-4/10
Silences your movement, not very useful as not many enemies are aware enough to detect you by sound alone. Pro version reduces planting and defusing sounds. Not useful until the defusion gamemode is released.

┌———┤Beginning Your First Round├———┐
After you've become acquainted with the customization and you have picked your first weaponry, it is now time to begin your first game. To go into the battlezone, zoom your view in by scrolling the mousewheel. If you don't know how to do this, or do not have a mouse, ask someone who has deep technical knowledge of the devices you are using, or at least a brain.

When you go in, you'll be equipped with all perks and weapons that you chose (or had chosen for you) in the customization tabs. You'll already have your main weapon out, so begin searching for targets. You can tell between enemies and friends by the color or lack of names. Allies will have green names, while enemies will either have no names (undetected) or a red name(detected).

I'll explain the difference; "detected" means they have either shot an unsilenced weapon, are in the range of an Motion Sensor, or are under the effects of Recon. The name above their heads makes it easier to search them out. "Undetected" means they have not met any of the requisites above, so they do not have a name above their head. This makes it difficult, as you don't know where they are until you see them.

Since you will have an MP5K to begin with, you want to get up very close to your enemy to do the maximum amount of damage. The next few steps are all about after you've gotten a few kills and refining your practice of murder (Read, lawful neutralization of hostile targets).

┌——┤Basic Controls and HUD├——┐
Seriously, it's on the game's description, but no one reads it.
Movement - W, A, S, D
Crouch - C to toggle
Sprint - Shift + W
Aim - Q to toggle
Melee - V
Use - F
Lethal - G
Tactical - T
Attachment - E to toggle
Killfeed - Bottom left of your screen is a killfeed, it tells who killed who with what.
Chat Log - Top left of your screen, I'm sure you know this is there.
Ammunition - Bottom right tells you how many shots you have left in your magazine, how many are left in your ammunition pouches, and tells you how many Tacticals and Lethals you have left.
Player List - Top right of your screen has a list of players. Hit "tab" key on your keyboard to enlarge it so you can search through it better.
Score - Top middle of your screen shows your team and the enemy teams scores in the TDM mode, and likely any other upcoming modes.

You get them for kills, assists, all sorts of things. You get more by doing things such as headshots, grenade kills, melee kills, etc. Specialist and Quick Learner both grant a bonus to EXP gained.
┌—┤Medals and Announcements├—┐
I'm unsure about most of these, as I never really read the text that comes up. Leave a reply if you know the correct answer for sure, or if I've forgotten a medal. On the immediate right side of the name is the amount of points gained, and farther right is what needs to happen.
Kill - 200 - Given for every kill, double kill and things like that are added on.
Double Kill - 100 - 2 kills in short succession.
Triple Kill - 150 - 3 kills in short succession.
Multi Kill - 200 - 4 kills in short succession.
Assist - 100 - Damage an enemy but do not land the killing shot.
Explosive Kill - 100 - Kill an enemy with an explosive, such as an M203.
Crowd Control - 100 - Riot Shield assists.
Stuck - 100 - Semtex kill while the semtex is stuck onto the foe.
Headshot - 100 - Getting a headshot.
Avenger - 100 - Killing an enemy soon after they killed an ally.
Payback - 100 - Killing the enemy who killed you the last life.
Melee Kill - 100 - Killing an enemy with melee.
Assisted Suicide - 200 - Damaging an enemy before they kill themselves.
Near Death - 100 - Kill an enemy while you are severely damaged.
Bounty - Variable - Killing an enemy who had a killstreak. The better the streak, the more EXP is awarded to you. (A friend of mine said he leveled up 4 times for ending one of my streaks.)
Specialist bonus - 100 - Adds another 100 EXP per kill while you the killstreak.
Rampage - N/A - Getting 5 kills.
Unstoppable - N/A - Getting 8 kills.
┌—┤Killstreak Usage├—┐
Despite the title, you don't actually "use" killstreaks. After you've gotten the necessary amount of kills(2,4,6,8, or 1,3,5,7 with Hardline perk). you will see a notification pop up that you have acquired it. The bonus is automatically applied and you will stay under the effect of these bonuses until you die and your streak is ruined.
┌—┤Specialist, the Almighty 8th Killstreak├—┐
To my knowledge, Specialist grants you the combined bonuses of all unlocked perks/killstreaks and also grants a bonus to EXP. In this mode you are at your most efficient and at the most profitable stage. The hard part now is staying alive while trying to get as many kills before the round ends.
As of yet there is only one gamemode, but I know of at least one new gamemode that is in the works.

TDM - Also known as Team Deathmatch, the TDM is a standard popular mode of play in shooters. In Authority, your goal is to get to 3500 points before the other team does. You get 100 points per kill, and they get 100 points each time they kill as well. This is really a battle of the KDR, as to win you will need to have a better KDR than your enemies.
??? - ???
??? - ???
As of yet, there are 12 maps for Authority, each with their own twists and tactics. These are in an rough guestimation of when they were released, and with author attached. I think some of them aren't really made by Spookyfox, but I don't know the real author.
City(?) by Spookyfox(?) - An large city map dominated by a road and the many buildings that dot this urban map. Use the open areas to your advantage, or charge into the enemy base unheeded by enemy fire.
Valley by Spookyfox(?) - An interesting map, part dominated by open grass, part underground cave. This map allows any type of person to enjoy his/her role in the battle, with open areas for sniper and long range AR combat, and close-range tunnel skirmishes.
Hedges by Spookyfox(?) - An picturesque garden torn asunder by criminal violence. The hedges are vast walls to seperate small walkways and open grounds. Dominate the area from atop the hedges, or use the vast amounts of cover to your advantage.
Station by Spookyfox(?) - And underground subway station is the next target of the Criminal force, with wrecked trains and much cargo for the taking. Use the cover and close quarters scenarios to maximum advantage.
Shipment by Spookyfox(?) - An storage ground filled with crates, greatly ripe for the Criminal's picking. Use close range guerilla warfare or pick them off from the top of crates.
Harbor by Spookyfox(?) - An neat city-dominated map with a bridge across the waters in the middle. Use the many windows for sniping all the way across the map, or use the closed-in buildings for close range warfare.
Cargo by Spookyfox(?) - An ship at sea, an all the cargo just for you. Stand atop the crates and control tower or fight belowdeck in the storage areas.
Crash by Soultaker435 - A desert landscape with trenches and a main defensive buildings, this whole area scattered with boxes and oil barrels and topped with an crashed plane.
Winter Winds by NightingaleHD - An city in chaos, covered in snow. Dance amongst the rooftops or fight in the streets in this cold snowy map.
2 Corp by Spookyfox(?) - Supercorp rivalry, anyone? This map thrusts you into two crowded office-like buildings with many tunnels and alternate routes. Use stealth and surprise to your advantage.
Warehouse by XGenesisX - An enclosed battleground set in an storehouse filled with big grey blocks. Use the immense amounts of cover and the two air ducts to your advantage.
Village by Alltoned 1238 - An suburban paradise in the dominated by an construction site, and the field of your glorious battle.Use the immense landscape for sniping and the close buildings for defensive positions.
┌———┤General Information├———┐
Not really useful if you want hard data, this is mostly my opinion from here on out. Although, some of it is somewhat amusing.

-Make sure to change your mouse sensitivity to suit your style. If you don't know how, go ask your parents or look it up on Google or Youtube.
-If you are having problems hitting a far-off target with a rapid fire weapon, try firing in natural bursts, starting at the legs or torso and working your way up to the head with every shot.
-When you are trying to make a combat decision between reloading your spent primary or switching to your secondary.weapon make sure to remember the length of your primary's reload.

-Try use aiming mode only when you are using a very maneuverable weapon or no one is shooting at you, the slower movement speed of an aimed AR or Sniper Rifle can be a death sentence.
-You do not have an health bar in Authority, unlike most other Roblox games. Instead, when you take damage your screen flashes and you flinch, and when you are low on health your heartbeat with be extremely audible and you will develop tunnel vision. If you can, wait for the effects to subside(5-10 seconds) and then keep on fighting.
-Bullets penetrate walls, but with greatly mitigated damage, with or without FMJ ammunition. FMJ ammunition just makes the shots that go through walls lose a great deal less damage.

-Make sure to choose your perks, attachments, and weaponry wisely. If something doesn't feel like it is working for you, try something new!

-Some maps aren't good for certain styles of play, sometimes you have to adapt your toolset for each map and scenario.
-Don't try and fight too close to the enemy base, as there will be new enemies respawning with FF that will likely kill you.

-Be aware; make sure that footstep sound behind you wasn't an enemy, look to see what weapon your enemy has so you know how to counteract, etc.

-Do not flame, do not troll, do not be an idiot. No one likes an idiot except for other idiots, and sometimes even then they clash.
If you would like to get rid of enemy materiel such as Tactical Insertions or Motion Sensors, you can either shoot them or stand near them and press F. If you want to get rid of enemy explosives, such as C4 or AP mines, shoot them while standing a ways back or use an M84 stun grenade nearby.

-Do not call hacks, noob, or any other assorted childish insults, it just ruins your credibility and overall public appearance, not like you care about that.

-Be a good sport, seriously. Be kind, answer other newbie's questions, etc. If you don't, I will do something ominous, like this sentence.

-If you don't know what to do, ask! Sure, there are always the unkind cretins, but you'll eventually(Read: never) find a helpful soul who'll be happy to assist you with your troubles.

Q: Do you have no life?
A: My life consists of reading(Stephen King, currently.) and gaming.(RPGs, mostly.) Good enough for you?
Q: What is a KDR, and what does MVP mean?
A: KDR stands for Kill-Death Ratio, it takes your kills and divides it by your deaths, coming to an average amount of kills you do per life. MVP in Authority is the person who had the highest amount of kills that round, of either team. Ties are given to the one with less deaths.
Q: What does FF mean? Why does it show up when I shoot somebody?
A: FF stands for Forcefield, when shooting someone has that show up on your crosshair it means they spawned in the last five seconds, and they are invincible. Wait until the 5 seconds are over to continue firing at them.
Q(Anestreal): How do I use my killstreak?
A: It is granted automatically when you meet the amount of kills you require. Authority uses passive bonuses as killstreaks instead of active bonuses like artillery strikes.
Q(Giga): Why do we need a guide pick the gun you like then shoot anything that moves that's it.
A: It's a somewhat complex game that requires some explanation to those who don't like to learn by experience. (Like me, I always read the guidebook before I play the game.)

Q: Why even bother, isn't Borderline going to be better?
A: I've invested a lot of time in this game, and even made one of the maps. I'll cross the Border(Heh.) when I get to it.
Q(coolkid437): How long did it take you to type this? You had to revise it, right?
A: Quite a while, but I did it off and on. I play quite a lot, so I have a lot of time to write observations down.

Q: How are you qualified to make this guide?
A: I've spent countless hours playing the game, I've acquired every weapon to diamond at least once, I've acquired every pro perk and every diamond gun. I've earned over 3mil EXP across 3 accounts as well, so I consider myself extremely qualified to make these judgments.

Q: Favored loadout?
A: Bloodstained R700 Ext. Mags., USP SD, C4, MS, Recon, Quickdraw, Stalker. For Killstreaks I use Scavenger, Blast Shield, and Lightweight.

Q: What should I do in Authority?
A: Kill people, of course. Isn't civilization grand?

A: What is this? Who wrote these stupid questions? This isn't even a question! If it's too long for you, hit Control(CTRL) + F and then search for the key words you are looking for.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you found the information inside useful to you. Should it behoove you, please refer this guide to other new players so they can use it as well.

Should I have missed something, mispelled something, or said something you don't agree with, feel free to leave a reply or PM this account. I'll try and help you and correct the guide the next Friday when I update the guide.
If you are confused about something or have a specific question, feel free to ask me through a PM. I read all PMs, and will often get around to it the same or next day.

Link to the game:
Link to the Authority Fan Club:
Link to the clan I currently represent:
(VERY USEFUL) Link to the order of unlocks:
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Cool but only is for noobs who don't know anything
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So it's pretty much a copy of MW3?
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Just read the ingame stats to get the same info covered in less bull.
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Yus I know Call Of Stupidity,Battlefield is better more battlefield 15 Vs 15! And Airplanes,Jets,Tanks,Guns So much more! That needs be a game for ROBLOX.
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*Facepalm*You know, you shouldn't have had a "ranking" system for item effectiveness. Dragunov is one of the better weapons as a suppressing item, and the bolt-actions are not one-hit or two-hit kill sometimes. I've survived 7 shots from the "best sniper". Also, Hardline is pretty useful. Don't corrupt the minds of new players with nonsense about "usefulness by ranking". -.-
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Specialist gives all perks, but you must have pro perk to get that pro.
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