So, Wait. Safechat is no longer a thing?

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02 May 2013 05:12 PM
... Or is it that safechat can see what we type now, But can't type back?
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02 May 2013 05:12 PM
There's a new Roblox Chat system for under-13 Builders! How does it work?

What it is:

Roblox Now offers a new chat system for players under the age of 14 as well as an upgrade to our existing chat system. This new

system allows under-13 players to use typed chat, but in a filtered and protected manner. We are using what is known as a

"Whitelist" filter, which prevents players from using or seeing certain words and phrases that could inadvertently disclose

personal information or expose them to innapropriate material.

The new system will allow for a better and more engaging ROBLOX experience for players under 13, while still providing extensive

and appropriate protection while on the site. As part of the implementation of the whitelist filter, we will be removing the

current "bubble chat"/safechat features on the site in the near future.

While we are initially launching this capability only for in-game chat, it will soon be in place as part of our moderation of all user-

created content on the ROBLOX web site. The Whitelist filtering feature only applies to users under the age of 13. Chat for users

over the age of 14 uses a "Blacklist" Filter, which still restricts the use of and exposure to inappropiate language and phrases. The

Blacklist has been upgraded to provide an improved chat experience for players over 13.

How it works:
The Whitelist Filter works by only allowing the under-13 user to see words or phrases that have been approved for them to view;

words and phrases on adaptive Whitelist. It also only allows the under-13 user to show words and and phrases on the Whitelist to


When another person types in a word or phrase not on the Whitelist, you will see #s in place of letters and words. When you type

in words or phrases not on the Whitelist, you will see what you typed, but other users will only see those words and phrases that

are on the Whitelist.


Pretend that the word Bird is not on the white list of acceptable words. Your friend says in chat, "How's the bird today?" You see

"How's the #### today?"

If you say in chat "How's the bird today?' you see all the words and letters you typed but others only see " How's the #### today?"

The blacklist filter functions similarly, replacing disallowed words and phrases with ####. As with the Whitelist, you can see what

you type, but other users will see blocked words and phrases as ####.

The Whitelist will block personal information as well as profanity and most other inappropriate language that might be used. No

filter or system is perfect and if you find a phrase or word that you feel should be blocked, and so included in the Whitelist (or

Blacklist), please send and email to info(at)
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