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ROBLOX Survivor Help (v. 2.0)

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Jojomen56 is online. Jojomen56
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13 Apr 2013 03:00 PM

Hello. I'm Joey, the creator of ROBLOX Survivor, and this forum thread is to help anyone out with their problems concerning the game. Find and read the answers to your problems then scroll up/down and find the [#] (if needed) for further explanation.

Also, you can search “Jojomen56 ROBLOX Survivor Tutorial” (without the quotation marks) on Youtube for the official game tutorial.

1. "How do I save?"

First, you must walk to your chest [2] (be considerably close). In your backpack [7], find the item you wish to save and click its "Action" button. If it can be saved, a "Put Away" (or "Put All Away") option will appear. Click to add it to your safe-keeping. Click the “Safe-keeping” action when the chest is selected to then open your safe-keeping. You can now "Take" (or "Take All") of the items you wish to take back into your backpack.

Note: Your safe-keeping will follow you into any other server in the game! It updates every time you exit the safe-keeping menu, so be sure to go click on it before you leave the game to make sure it is saved.

2. "How do I make a tent, fire, cabin, chest, well, etc.?"

First, make sure you have a sufficient amount of wood (or rocks) in your backpack [7]. Once you have confirmed you have enough wood/rocks, simply select the wood/rocks and click "Actions." You will then find the options for things to make. Simply click on the one you want. Finally, go back to your backpack and find your newly-created item and click on it. The backpack will move up, allowing you to see the green-arrow indicator. Once you have situated the indicator like you want it, simply click "Set."

Note: Wells cannot be unset, only removed. If a bucket is in the well, you will lose it when it is removed.

3. "How do I collect and boil water?"

First, you must select your bucket and click "Actions." After having equipped it, go near water and click on it. Un-equip the bucket and you will find a "Full Bucket" in your backpack. Walk up to your fire [2] and select the bucket of full water in your backpack [7] and click "Actions." Finally, find "Boil" and find it. When it is boiled, you simply have to take it off [8].

4. "How do I collect rocks and make tools?"

Once you've found a rock, simply click on it to collect it, then open your backpack [7]. Find your rocks and click on its "Actions" button. Finally, if you have a sufficient amount of rocks, click on the tool you wish to create.

5. "How do I collect meat?"

First, you must track down a wild animal (i.e. groundhogs, frogs). Make sure you've equipped your axe and that you're close to the animal. Finally, keep clicking on the animal until its meat is given to you.

6. "How do I sleep?"

First, make sure you have a tent [2] and that it's night (after 18:05 and before 06:00). You just have to walk into your tent and you will notice a button appear adjacent to the forecast. Simply click on it and you will start sleeping. You can click on the button again to wake up. Optionally, you can press the "v" key to close your tent's door.

Note: The game will only fast-forward to 06:00 if every player is asleep.

7. "How do I open my backpack?"

Make sure your journal and safe-keeping menu are closed and press the "b" key.

8. "How do I get my food and/or boiled water off of my fire?"

First, make sure you are standing next to your fire [2]. Open your backpack [7], select the "Fire" item and click on its "Actions" button. Find and click on the option "Serve" to collect everything from the fire.

Note: If you unset your fire while there is food and/or water on it, they will be deleted and will not show up in your backpack.

9. "How do I run?"

Make sure your stamina is at least 10% full and hold down the "r" key as you walk.

10. "How do I fish?"

First, make sure you are close to water. Then, open your backpack [7], find your fish net, and click on its "Actions" button. Finally, click on the "Fish" option and move your mouse over water. A blue-arrow indicator will follow your mouse; click to deploy your fish net into the water.

Thank again for playing!


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