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The New Look For ROBLOX

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Slinkerback is not online. Slinkerback
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10 Jan 2013 11:37 AM
If you have not seen the new idea for the ROBLOX website follow the link below:

This new idea for the website will change ROBLOX extremely, it will be a new difference for people too! The 3+ year veterens of ROBLOX might not like it and want to keep it the way it is because ROBLOX has changed rapidly already. Yes, it will change ROBLOX. Yes, it will make a big difference.

In my opinion for this, I think it has good and bad points. I lov new things and I love the designs. I like some of the colour scheme. But on the other hand, I prefer having the OBC option I have, if that is avaiable that is great. It also is too much of a change for me and the writing of the text is a bit too small for me. If this is a website for kids it does not look more appealing to that age anymore.

What do you guys think?
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