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Stranded Episode One ~ World Project Thread

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jobro13 is not online. jobro13
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29 Dec 2012 07:10 AM
Hello Stranded Developers,

This is a thread about the world project.


1. What is the world project?
2. How to contribute
3. Rules of a valid contribution
4. Moderation
5. Changelog (IMPORTANT)

1. What is the world project?
Stranded's world project is a project to create a new world for the game Stranded: Episode One. The current world is deprecated and unbalanced. We are going to change that, starting only with an ocean floor we will start creating a world. The world size is 8096 x 8096.

2. How to contribute
First of all, subscribe to the following set, where EVERY FILE of the world project will be hosted:

This is very important. You always should use the latest world project files, otherwise other merges of the project will get lost. This also means that you should NOT edit the world itself, but try to edit a part of the world. Think of it, if you only create or edit an island it's easy to merge in the new world. If you have finished something (example: an island) then you put the island in a place in the LATEST world project site and then upload the complete model again. Always keep the island you created as solo-model too, because if I get two edits at the same time I can merge them with your "solo - island" model.

What you can think of to contribute are completely new islands. A warning: you cannot claim an island. An island is not yours. Others can edit your island, but I will make sure they aren't ruining it. You can think of, one creates the island base and another one creates the island resources. For examples on how to configure resources, look in this set:

Basic resources are very simple to create. I really encourage already setting the properties of them. A complete example will be released as "SmartItem", same idea as "SmartTool". More info will follow on this.

Any resources created for islands, aswell new island building parts (Eg. "Snowland") will be released in the Island Set (

3. Island Rules

-Try to leave some places to build on. These must have TopSurface Studs to make sure you can build on them. (Make some flatlands!!)

-Try to create original and new islands. We don't need 20 jungles.

-Try to make islands balanced. I know this is annoying for players, but the idea is that there is/are no best island(s). This means that every island has pro's and con's to live on. This "ratio" should be the same for every island. (Islands will be tested on balance!).

-I will leave this almost completely to the developers, but I will make sure it won't be a chaotic world. The world will grow and grow - and when the time is there, it will be put in the game too. (A test place will be opened too, at an appropriate time, with the complete stranded game layout!)

-Try not to CFrame a lot. You cannot build on CFramed world, and the "blocky theme" is a little bit from the orginal survival games that I think we should keep.

-Think of some crafts you can create! There are a lot of resources not yet available in Stranded. Cannot think of some? Well, think of rubber, cacao (chocolate!), gigantic trees, cotton, grass, plants, fibres... If you want, you can also create some crafts already to be put in later when the island gets released!

4. Moderation
To keep it short, islands will be tested on 4 simple things:
-"Stranded Touch" - matching the "themes" around Stranded (eg. no buildings already on islands)
-Not a copy of another island, a free model, or generally the same idea.

5. Changelog (Important!)
To make sure everyone can see what has changed since the last world version, you should - when you change something - write about it in the changelog (the script into the World Project model).

A sample:

[Creator Name ] [ Version ]

Such as:

jobro13 Version 0
-Added "Jungle Island"
-Jungle island has some awesome resources, such as bananas! I think Monkeys should live there later. A special resource you can get from the trees (using a knife) is rubber, used to create some awesome modern crafts.

The changelog is used by other contributors to review updates.

And now, lets build!

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Fattycat17 is online. Fattycat17
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29 Dec 2012 10:07 AM
Thanks for the information Jobro will start on it now :3
Was also working on something special for the game :3
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