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Pinewood Builders - Official Rank Guide

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Catpwnszer is not online. Catpwnszer
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10 Aug 2012 05:36 PM
So you're interested in being promoted? Each rank has very specific requirements to get promoted. Here's the list:

Head Designer- You must have excellent idea's for Pinewood projects, or ideas for members to build. Let's say a builder was bored and can't think of what to build, your the person who can easily suggest some stuff. Also provide 4 good ideas. If you put something like "helicopter house" or "a epic duck shelter" your going to get denied. We're not kidding. Even if you do it as a joke.

Build manager- You have great ideas, and great building skills. You must fill out the rank form and supply 2 models that are 100% built by you. You may not use the stamper tools to build your models.

Head Scientist- You can script well. You must provide 2 models that contain a script you built. They must be built by you and no free models. Send a rank request to Catpwnszer.

Board of Directors and Vice President- Do not ask for these ranks. We talk about people in the executives group. Grammar is a must. Amazing building skills, or scripting skills. Both is a huge plus. We look for someone who is mature as well.

Send the below filled out to a Board of Director. They'd be happy to read it. If they don't respond you, you may have been declined.

If your going for Head Scientist, message Catpwnszer. I only do scientist ranks. All others are for Board of Directors.

Rank form:

Dear (admin name),

I think I would be a good (rank name) because (explain why).

These are the links to my two models (delete this line if the rank doesn't require it):

These are my ideas(delete this line if the rank doesn't require it):

Thank you,
(your username goes here)
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