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Studio 2.0 Test Forum Rules

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ReeseMcBlox is not online. ReeseMcBlox
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01 Jun 2012 06:47 PM
First off, you should read The Rules for All Forums.

This forum is for posts about the version of Studio that is on the Mac computer, and the version 2.0 Beta that is in development for Windows but has not yet been released.

The devs want to hear your feedback about Studio.

Rule 1: No platform wars. No MAC vs Windows or MAC vs. PC vs. Linux arguments.

Rule 2: This forum is only for posting helpful posts about bugs and issues you find on regarding the MAC version of ROBLOX and the new Studio 2.0 Beta for Windows. We are specifically looking for issues with these Studios, meaning when you are actually playing ROBLOX on a MAC/Apple computer or you downloaded the new Studio 2.0 for Windows and are trying it out.
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