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Mecablox's Survival 303 Guide

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Mecablox is not online. Mecablox
Joined: 16 Jul 2011
Total Posts: 433
29 Apr 2012 05:12 PM
Version 0.75


Section 1: Table of Contents
Section 2: Welcome to My Guide
Section 3: Islands
Section 4: Recipes [Items]
Section 5: Recipes [Tools]
Section 6: Recipes [Buildings]
Section 7: Recipes [Boats]
Section 8: Recipes [Processed]
Section 9: Recipes [Farming]
Section 10: Recipes [Burned]
Section 11: Recipes [Combat]
Section 12: Deathwater Cave
Section 13: Leveling Guide


Welcome to my Survival 303 guide! As you probably already know, this is a guide for Davidii's Survival 303. It may seem boring to you at first, but once you get to know this game it is very entertaining.


Each island will be given a short description, then any resources found here. When food is refered to, this does not count fishing. You can gain food anywhere by fishing.

The Mainland is a vast, desertlike land with lots of space. It is the biggest island in Survival 303. Mainland also houses the ominous Deathwater Cave. (See "Deathwater Cave")
Food: Yes, there are cows near the center of the Mainland. As far as I have traveled, there are no berries or apples.
Water: Yes
Stone: No
Ore: One cave in the center: Gold Ore, Iron Ore

_Bento Island_
Bento is an excellent place to live. Although it has no ores, it does have stone, it is the only island with the Bento animal. There is a large mining island near it with iron ore, coal and gold ore. The Bento with horns give Bento
Food: Yes, two berry bushes. The Bento without horns also provide Bento vension.
Water: Yes
Stone: Yes, one small mound of stone near one of the beaches
Ore: No, although there is a large mining island next to it

_Paradise Island_
Paradise is the perfect spot for beginners. It has a very good defense structure: the island has a tall hill surrounding it. In the middle of the grass wall is a large forest, and almost every tree has apples and every bush berries, so you will not need to work for food. The forest can keep up to an estimated three or four people alive without any additional food. The only downside is there is no stone or ore, and both of those are far away.
Food: Yes, a forest of apples and berries
Water: Yes, there is a waterfall
Stone: No
Ore: No

_Flax Island_
This is a relatively small island, although it has everything you might need to survive. There is a food source, but it is very weak. This is the only island that spawns flax, the material used to make fabric.
Food: Yes, flax flower and herb. These are not very good food sources though
Water: I think there is
Stone: Yes, a small mound in the corner
Ore: No

_Miner's Island_
This is a large rock formation next to Bento Island. It is made of all stone and has plenty of ore to mine. On the surface there are several coal formations, as well as two gold formations. There is a water leading into a cave in the center. The cave has all iron ore. On the island there are spiky gray animals, but I don't know what these are... I haven't killed one yet. I think they're called cave lynxes.
Food: Maybe the cave lynxes, like I said I haven't killed one yet
Water: Yes, a large waterfall
Stone: The whole island
Ore: Yes: Coal, Iron Ore, Gold Ore

_Magmus Island_
This is actually two islands very close together. In the center of the larger island there is a cave with coal and sulphur, the two ingredients needed to make gunpowder.
Food: Probably not, this hasn't been explored much by me
Water: Yes, in the cave
Stone: Yes
Ore: Yes: Coal and Sulphur

_Horseshoe Island_
In my opinion this is the second-hardest island to live on. The only food source is the dangerous Terraphyx that live in the bay. These are some of the toughest animals in the game and you must be a good fighter to beat them. There is one water source inside the horseshoe.
Food: Yes, Terraphyx
Water: Yes
Stone: No
Ore: No

_Plateau Island_
This might be the island with the best defensive formation in the game. It is a big square rock, and the only way up onto the top is a "jumping obby" in the back of it. This can easily be blocked or you can just shoot intruders while they climb. The downside is there is little resource on the top. Good for people who are good crafters and such, but can't really defend themselves. There is a cave system below it.
Food: I think there are apples
Water: Not that it's been found by me yet... get your wells ready.
Stone: Cave systems below
Ore: I think there is some in the cave systems

_Spire Island_
This is by far the worst island I've ever seen to live on. It is a jackpot for mining, as there is a lot of iron I think, and sulphur, and probably other ores. Although I don't recommend living here in a thousand years unless you're a Survival 303 master...
Food: No
Water: No
Stone: Yes
Ore: Lots of it


Create with "Create Item"

Small Stick = Small Bush Stump

String = Rope

Rope = Hemp

Fuse = Rope + Charcoal

Gold Coin = Coin Press + Refined Gold

Charcoal = Coal + Coal

Cut Stone = Small Stone + Small Stone

Steel Mix = Refined Iron

Glass Cup = Glass

Apple Juice = Glass Cup + Apple

Berry Juice = Glass Cup + Berry

Cup of Milk = Glass Cup + Milk

Nest = Wheat

Gunpowder = Sulphur + Charcoal + Charcoal

Uncooked Cornbread = Dough + Corn + Corn

Uncooked Berry Pie = Dough + Berry + Berry

Uncooked Apple Pie = Dough + Berry + Berry

Bomb = Plank + Plank + Oil + Oil + Fuse

Hemp = Small Leaves + Small Leaves

Fabric = Flax + Flax + Flax + String

Window = Glass + Glass

Handle = Small Stick + Small Stick -OR- Small Bush Stump + Small Bush Stump -OR- Small Tree Stump -OR- Med Handle -OR- Large Handle

Med Handle = Small Stick + Small Stick + Small Stick -OR- Small Bush Stump + Small Bush Stump -OR- Small Tree Stump -OR- Large Handle

Large Handle = Small Stick + Small Stick + Small Stick + Small Stick -OR- Small Bush Stump + Small Bush Stump -OR- Small Tree Stump

Wheat Bundle = Wheat + Wheat

Uncooked Bread = Dough

Iron Pot = Anvil + Refined Iron + Refined Iron

Wall = Small Tree Stump + Small Tree Stump -OR- Large Tree Stump

Hull = Small Tree Stump + Small Tree Stump

Boulder = Small Rock + Small Rock

Sail = Hemp + Hemp

Thatching = Wheat + Wheat

Stone Slab = Boulder + Small Rock

Large Hull = Hull + Hull

Create with "Create Tool"

Flint = Cut Stone + Cut Stone

Firemaking Bow = Handle + Rope

Crude Bow = Handle + String + String

Long Bow = Med Handle + String + String

Crude Rod = Handle + String

Long Rod = Med Handle + String

Bucket = Small Bush Stump + Rope

Wooden Cheese Bucket = Small Bush Stump + Rope

Iron Bucket = Anvil + Refined Iron + Rope

Iron Cheese Bucket = Anvil + Refined Iron + Refined Iron + Refined Iron

Steel Bucket = Anvil + Refined Steel + Rope

Crude Oil Filter = Small Bush Stump + Hemp + Rope

Clay Bowl = Wet Clay + Wet Clay

Stone Axe = Handle + Cut Stone

Stone Pickaxe = Handle + Cut Stone

Iron Axe = Anvil + Handle + Refined Iron

Iron Pickaxe = Anvil + Handle + Refined Iron

Steel Axe = Anvil + Handle + Refined Steel

Steel Pickaxe = Anvil + Handle + Refined Steel

Gold Axe = Anvil + Handle + Refined Gold

Gold Pickaxe = Anvil + Handle + Refined Gold

Mithril Axe = Anvil + Handle + Refined Mithril

Mithril Pickaxe = Anvil + Handle + Refined Mithril

Crude Torch = Handle + Hemp

Crude Oil Torch = Handle + Hemp + Crude Oil

Oil Torch = Handle + Hemp + Oil

Lantern = Handle + Oil + Glass (I always get the order of this recipe confused, if it doesn't work then try different orders.)

Gold Jug = Anvil + Refined Gold + Refined Gold

Net = String + String + String

Create with "Create Tool"

Hut = Wall + Wall + Large Leaves

Granary = Wall + Wall + Large Leaves

Mill = Wall + Wall + Large Leaves

Lumbermill = Wall + Wall + Wall + Large Leaves

Longhouse = Wall + Wall + Wall + Wall + Large Leaves + Large Leaves

Stone Hut = Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Thatching

Well = Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Thatching

Stone Longhouse = Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Thatching + Thatching

Medival Wall = Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stone Wall

Medival Tower = Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stone Wall

Medival Gate = Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Wall

Dock = Wall + Wall + Wall + Plank + Plank + Plank + Plank

Forge = Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Refined Iron + Refined Iron + Thatching

Oven = Stone Wall + Window + Charcoal + Oil

Bakery = Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Charcoal + Oil + Thatching

Medival House = Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Plank + Plank + Thatching

Create with "Create Tool"

Raft = Hull

Large Raft = Large Hull

Sailboat = Hull + Small Tree Stump + Sail

Large Sailboat = Large Hull + Large Tree Stump + Sail + Sail

Catamaran = Hull + Hull + Plank + Small Tree Stump + Sail

Create with "Process Item"

Bento Leather = Bento Hide

Small Compost = Small Leaves

Large Compost = Large Leaves

Poisoned (Food) = SEE "Deathwater Cave"


Wheat Seed = Wheat ("Create Item")

Carrot Seed = Carrot ("Create Item")

Onion Seed = Onion ("Create Item")

Wheat Plant = Large Compost + Wheat Seed ("Process Item")

Flax Plant = Small Compost + Flax ("Process Item")

Onion Plant = Small Compost + Onion Seed ("Process Item")

Carrot Plant = Small Compost + Carrot Seed ("Process Item")

Corn Plant = Large Compost + Corn ("Process Item")

Apple Tree = Large Compost + Apple ("Process Item")

Berry Bush = Small Compost + Berry ("Process Item")

Create by touching with any burning, a forge furnace, or an oven

Cooked (Meat) = Raw (Meat)

Refined (Metal) = (Metal) Ore

Glass = Pile of Sand


Club = Handle

Heavy Club = Med Handle

Battle Club = Large Handle

Stone Knife = String + Cut Stone

Stone Spear = Med Handle + Cut Stone

Stone Javelin = Med Handle + Cut Stone

Iron Knife = Anvil + String + Refined Iron

Iron Sword = Anvil + Refined Iron + Refined Iron

Iron Spear = Anvil + Med Handle + Refined Iron

Iron Javelin = Anvil + Med Handle + Refined Iron

Steel Knife = Anvil + String + Refined Steel

Steel Sword = Anvil + Refined Steel + Refined Steel

Steel Spear = Anvil + Med Handle + Refined Steel

Steel Javelin = Anvil + Med Handle + Refined Steel

Mithril Knife = Anvil + String + Refined Mithril

Mithril Sword = Anvil + Refined Mithril + Refined Mithril

Mithril Spear = Anvil + Med Handle + Refined Mithril

Mithril Javelin = Anvil + Med Handle + Refined Mithril

Leather Armor = Bento Leather

Iron Armor = Anvil + Leather Armor + Refined Iron + Refined Iron

Steel Armor = Anvil + Leather Armor + Refined Steel + Refined Steel

Mithril Armor = Anvil + Leather Armor + Refined Mithril + Refined Mithril + Refined Gold



I'm sure you've heard rumors about the ominous Deathwater Cave. It contains mushrooms, the key ingredient for poisoning, and a deathwater pool.

Travel to Deathwater Cave
You will need...

-Food provisions
-A full two buckets of water
-3 gunpowder
-Flint or a firemaking bow
-Three small leaves
-Any pickaxe
-A lantern

Deathwater Cave is located at the mainland, so travel there. Now go to the three plateaus near the middle. It's the things that look like towers. It's the one next to the group of plateaus with a cave inside one of them. If you look closely at one of the plateaus, you will see a crack in it. It is actually a bunch of boulders and small rocks clustered together. You can get through this with your pickaxe, or the gunpowder. Now get on top of the plateau with the hole in it (ladders, anyway you want) and jump into the hole on the side. Now equip your lantern... welcome to Deathwater Cave.


To poisoned, process Mushroom + Mushroom + (food you are poisoning)

Deathwater Cave is a very hard thing to enter. This definetly proves you are good at this game if you can do this.

This will tell you what you need to do to gain experience in all of the levels.

Foraging: Forage stuff.
Swimming: Swim.
Carpentry: Make anything with wood in the recipe.
Smithing: Make anything with an anvil in the recipe.
Masonry: Make anything with stone in the recipe.
Shipbuilding: Make any boat.
Architecture: Make any building.
Crafting: Make string.
Engineering: Make carts.
Chemistry: I seriously don't know...
Cooking: Make bread.
Farming: Farm.
Fishing: Fish.

Please reply!
I would appreciate if any of you replied to this thread. Questions you have or recipes I forgot/didn't know or suggestions are all a big help to this guide.

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Mecablox is not online. Mecablox
Joined: 16 Jul 2011
Total Posts: 433
30 Apr 2012 02:23 PM
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kityanlam3 is online. kityanlam3
Joined: 11 Sep 2008
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07 May 2012 03:04 AM
Chemistry: 1st level: Combine two coals to get charcoal
2nd level: Make fuses and gunpowder with sulphur and charcoal
3rd level bomb the world.

Hope this helped
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belcher111 is not online. belcher111
Joined: 04 Jun 2011
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09 May 2012 02:23 PM
how come pavilion isn't in the guide pavion=4small tree stumps+1largeleaves
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Mecablox is not online. Mecablox
Joined: 16 Jul 2011
Total Posts: 433
09 May 2012 07:09 PM
Thanks for the chemistry.

I didn't know pavilion recipe. Well there it is.
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Narcoblix061898 is not online. Narcoblix061898
Joined: 10 Nov 2010
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12 May 2012 12:48 PM
Hey, you forgot the Lighthouse. I'm guessing you forgot the recipe.

Here it is:
Stone Slab, Stone Wall, Stone Wall, Stone Wall, Stone Slab, Oil

Be sure to thank me, as I am now thanking you for Deathwater Cave. I know only have to worry about Plateau inhabitants.... those mischevious little poisoners... darn them and their Mushrooms...
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Mecablox is not online. Mecablox
Joined: 16 Jul 2011
Total Posts: 433
12 May 2012 04:43 PM
Thanks, man. Actually I have been trying to figure out the lighthouse recipe.
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itachicken500 is not online. itachicken500
Joined: 27 Jul 2011
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13 May 2012 01:02 PM
Hey cool thing i fiugured out if you throw something on top of the water when its facing upright it'l stay. if you place if any other way it'l vanish. hope this helps fyi i prefer making bridges using this techniuqe out of leaves
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FlamingDarkKnight is not online. FlamingDarkKnight
Joined: 19 May 2012
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20 May 2012 03:15 PM
@itachicken I don't think so... last time I was flying the prickly pear leaf I was wielding with my legs vanished in the water and the leaf was facing upwards...
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lego911manegg is not online. lego911manegg
Joined: 10 Oct 2008
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28 May 2012 11:01 AM
I tried making a dock, It didn't work. So I made it
Plank+ Plank +Plank +Plank+Wall + Wall + Wall

It made a shelf!
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Striker25000 is not online. Striker25000
Joined: 04 Jul 2012
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12 Jul 2012 10:13 AM
U 4 got the reinforced armors.
Rockma hide + leather = Rockma Hide Armor
Anvil + Rockma Hide Armor + 2 copper, iron, or steel = Reinforced iron, copper, steel armor
Anvil + Rockma Hide Armor + 2 mithril + 1 gold = Reinforced mithril armor
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SignerYuseiFudo is not online. SignerYuseiFudo
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06 Aug 2012 12:14 AM
Now this may seem like spam or something but... keep reading... I have a survival game I made from the first survival 303 that Davidii made public a long time ago and I was hoping someone would be kind enough to play it and if they like it pass on the word to their friends and other survivalists. Thanks. PM me if you have any questions, I will reply to all.
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SignerYuseiFudo is not online. SignerYuseiFudo
Joined: 16 May 2011
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06 Aug 2012 12:15 AM
Also Bump/Bookmark
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bbyrockes is not online. bbyrockes
Joined: 12 Apr 2011
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11 Aug 2012 12:25 PM
how do u make a private door
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firedestroyer100 is not online. firedestroyer100
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15 Aug 2012 01:25 PM
For some reason it wont let me get the stuff that i mine
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prisonerrainoks is not online. prisonerrainoks
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30 Aug 2012 01:48 AM
You also forgot that the Flax island has some Iron Ore man.
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iShipwrecked is not online. iShipwrecked
Joined: 08 Apr 2012
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01 Sep 2012 09:45 AM
Can you message me on the poisoning but not like that because I do not understand it.
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koolfan8900 is not online. koolfan8900
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01 Sep 2012 09:18 PM
how i make catapult get it in guide
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acid4claws is not online. acid4claws
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02 Sep 2012 06:22 PM
What is moss used for?
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avabug1122333 is not online. avabug1122333
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08 Sep 2012 11:15 AM
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v4c4 is not online. v4c4
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09 Sep 2012 10:55 AM
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Captainalliance is online. Captainalliance
Joined: 03 Nov 2011
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23 Sep 2012 03:52 AM
How do you make an anvil???
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emilywarriorcatsfan is not online. emilywarriorcatsfan
Joined: 22 Jul 2012
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23 Sep 2012 07:35 AM
there is a island thats next to the desert that has flax it small and it also has lynx gold rock water and 1 tree
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emilywarriorcatsfan is not online. emilywarriorcatsfan
Joined: 22 Jul 2012
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23 Sep 2012 07:38 AM
and there re a few more island he missed as well
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popcycle44 is not online. popcycle44
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30 Sep 2012 03:13 AM
you forgot 2 boat recipes:Large Sailboat:Large hull,Large Tree Stump and 2 Sail.
Merchant Frigate:2 large hull 3 large tree stumps and 2 sail.
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