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P1 Roblox Glitches, And Roblox Glitches

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lordjoe is not online. lordjoe
Joined: 11 Aug 2008
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22 Sep 2011 04:08 PM
P1 Roblox Glitches, And Roblox Glitches

P1 Glitches:

1. If you go to Catalogue>Recently Updated nothing will show up even if you just updated something.

2. It says "Number Sold" under all of the places in Games and Catalogue.

Roblox Glitches:

1. When you click "Cancel" on a trade at the Roblox Currency Exchange, it gives you an error message.
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rhamil is not online. rhamil
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18 Dec 2011 09:00 PM
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jessiej123jessiej123 is not online. jessiej123jessiej123
Joined: 08 Dec 2012
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06 Jan 2013 04:10 AM
i have a glitch on my games and it has been 3 days since this started it always says that roblox has 2 quit and that ROBLOX is not responding so i have n ot played a game on roblox all since the date (the 1st of jan 2013 till the 6th of jan 2013 TODAY the day i wrote this)... JESSIEJ123JESSIEJ123
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