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Survival 303 Full guide

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HappyLife08 is not online. HappyLife08
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17 Sep 2011 10:57 AM
Link to the game:
A guide in Survival 303, A game by Davidii2.

Table of Contents

7.Cooking food Recipes and how to cook
8.Smithing Guide
9.Fishing Guide
12.How I play the game

Section 1
Tools they are one of the most useful things in the game such as pickaxes and axes they can be

made from the following:
*Stone-Is the first thing your gonna get.
*Iron-Second thing you might wanna get.
*Steel-You can skip this one and go ahead mining mithril.
*Mithril-One of the BEST of the BEST!

Mining/Wood Cutting

Handle+Cutstone=Stone Pickaxe/Axe
Handle+Refined Iron=Iron Pickaxe/Axe
Handle+Refined Steel=Steel Pickaxe/Axe
Handle+Refined Mithril=Mithril Pickaxe/Axe

FireMaking tools

Cutstone+Refined Steel=Flint and Steel
Handle+Rope=Firemaking Bow

Light Source

Handle+Hemp=Crude Torch
Handle+Oil+Hemp=Oil Torch **WARNING ITS BROKEN**

Water Containers

Hemp+Hemp=Canteen(5 Drinks)
Small Bush Stump+Rope=Bucket(10 Drinks)
WetClay+WetClay=Clay Container(15 Drinks)
Anvil+Refined Iron+Rope=Iron Bucket(20 Drinks)
Anvil+Refined Gold+Refined Gold=Gold Jug(35 Drinks)

Misc Tools.

Small Bush Stump+Hemp+Rope=Crude Oil Filter

Weapons..You should always carry one with you either for self defense or someone burning down your


Melee Weapons

Large Handle=Battle Club
CutStone+String=Stone Knife
Anvil+Refined Iron+String=Iron Knife
Anvil+Refined Steel+String=Steel Knife
Anvil+Refined Mithril+String=Mithril Knife
Anvil+2 Refined Iron=Iron sword
Anvil+2 Refined Steel=Steel sword
Anvil+2 Refined Mithril+Refined Gold=Mithril Sword

Range Weapons

Medium Handle+2String=Long Bow
Medium Handle+Refined Steel+2String=Crossbow


Smallstick+Refined Steel=Bolt (Crossbow ammo)

Hunting Weapons

Handle=Hunting Club
Med Handle+Cutstone=Hnt Stone Javelin/Spear
Anvil+Med Handle+Refined Iron=Hnt Iron Javelin/Spear
Anvil+Med Handle+Refined Steel=Hnt Steel Javelin/Spear
Anvil+Med Handle+Refined Mithril=Hnt Mithril Javelin/Spear

Structures They are fine looking buildings which also helps you through out your whole game.

Boulder+Boulder=Stone Wall
Large Mud+Large Mud=Mud Wall
Smalltreestump+Smalltreestump+Large Leaves=Tower
Stonewall+Stonewall+2Refined Iron+Thatching=Forge(Anvil&Furnace)
Stone Wall+Window+2 Charcoal+Oil=Stove
3 Stone Walls+Charcoal+Oil+Thatching=Bakery (Stove,Well,Mill)
3 Stone Walls+2 Planks+Thatching=Medieval House
3 Stone Walls=Medieval Wall/Tower
2 Mud Walls+Large Leaves=Mud Hut/Well

They can be found on certain islands or most of them on all islands.
4 Small Sticks=Large Handle
2 Small Bush Stumps=Large/Med/Small Handle
Large Handle=Medium Handle
3 Small Sticks=Medium Handle
Medium Handle=Handle
2 Small Sticks=Handle
Small Tree Trunk=Large/Med/Small Handle
2 Small Tree Trunks=Hull/Wall
2 Hull=Large Hull
2 Small Leaves=Hemp
2 Hemp=Sail
2 Flax=String
2 String=Rope
2 Small Stones=Cut Stone/Boulder
1 Small Bush Stump=Wood Seat/Small Stick
Small Stone=Stone Seat
Rockma Hide=Boulder
2 Coal=Charcoal
Glass=Glass Cup
2 Glass=Window
Sulphur+2 Charcoa=Gunpowder
Refined Iron+Coal=Steel Mix

Section 5
Not many things to process but its still very useful ingame for farming or armory.
Large Leaves = Large Compost
Small Leaves=Small Compost
Bento Hide=Bento Leather
Small Compost+Berry=Berry Bush
Small Compost+Flax=Flax Plant
Small Compost+Corn=Corn Plant
Large Compost+Apple=Apple Tree
Large Compost+Wheat Seed=Wheat Field

Section 6
Its always a good idea to get armor because of raiders who bring a bow and kill you then take your


Bento Leather=Leather Armor(Light armor,Decent amount of defense)
Leather Armor+Rockma hide=Rockma Armor(Semi Light,Good defense)SUGGESTED TYPE OF ARMOR
Leather Armor+2 Refined Iron=Iron Armor(Abit heavy,Better defense)
Leather Armor+2 Refined Steel=Steel Armor(Heavy,EVEN BETTER)
Leather Armor+2 Refined Mithril+Refined Gold=Mithril Armor(Very Heavy,Best defense)

Cooking Recipes and how to cook
Food is alot better if its cooked but if your desperate for food might aswell eat it raw food is

better than no food.
Braek Fish
Sword Fish
Blattig Fish
Raw Bento Meat
Raw Teraphyx Meat
Uncooked Bread
Uncooked Cornbread
Uncooked Pie

About the food:
Berry(1)- 2 Hunger 2 Thirst
Apple(2)- 2 Hunger 2 Thirst
Cooked Bento Meat(3)- 10 Hunger
Cooked Teraphyx Meat(3)- 20 Hunger
Cooked Bread(5)- 20 Hunger
Cooked Cornbread(5)- 25 Hunger?Not surelol
Cooked Pie(6)- 25 Hunger
Dirty Water- 5 Thirst -5 Health
Clean water- 10 Thirst
Juice- 25 Thirst
Raw Food (Depends on the food) -X Hunger -X Health
Burnt Food (Depends on the food) -X Hunger -X Thirst -X Health

How to cook the food:
Bread-Step 1.Craft a wheat bundle with 2 wheat Step 2.Place the wheat bundle in the mill Step

3.Wet the flour with water (NOTE:Use a canteen,bucket,etc..)Step 4.Craft the dough into Uncooked

Bread Step 5. Cook it with something burning

Pie-Step 1.Craft a wheat bundle with 2 wheat Step 2.Place the wheat bundle in the mill Step 3.Wet

the flour with water Step 4.Craft Dough+Berry+Berry or Dough+Apple+Apple into a Pie.Step 5. Cook

it with something burning

Cornbread- the food:
Bread-Step 1.Craft a wheat bundle with 2 wheat Step 2.Place the wheat bundle in the mill Step

3.Wet the flour with water Step 4. Craft Corn+Dough Step 5.Cook it with something burning

Juice-Step 1.Craft Glass Cup with 2 Apples/Berries together Step 2. Thats it LOL

The other food not mentioned just cook them with fire.

One of the easiest and fun thing to do.

First off you need a forge (2Stonewall+Refined Iron+Thatching) Ignite the furnace with a

Flint,Firemaking bow or any kind of firemaking tool you have

Once burning place the ore you wish to refine.

Iron-Refined Iron
Steel Mix-Refined Steel
Gold-Refined Gold
Mithril-Refined Mithril
Sand-Refined Sand JUST JOKING it turns to glass.

Then smithing them into something

These 4 metals Iron,Steel,Gold,Mithril
Can be smithed to tools,weapons,etc..
And all of them require the help of an anvil which is in the forge.

And thats about it..

Its really fun especially the part where you provide food for your tribe and get alot of thank

yous from them.

Fishing is really simple just craft a fishing rod(In the crafting list)
Then shoot it on water once you see something biting(Top left of screen) Press Q as fast as you


Trading fishing rods wont work the fishing rod will break.

Some islands are fun to live in because of its Huge space or how it looks.You also need to know the names of the island so that you'll know what people are talking about for example(HEY DUDE COME TO BENTO ISLAND Dude:Wheres that? Random guy:*Facepalm*)

Main Land-Contains Herbs Corn,Chickens,Gold Ore,Iron Ore,Dirt,Lots of Trees,Mithril Ore,Crude Oil,Lots of mountains (For short its the big island -.-)

Bento ISland-Contains Stones,Bento Bucks,Bento Does,Berry bushes,Big trees,small trees,dead bushes,water

Rockma Island-Contains Stones,Rockma,Iron ore,Coal,Dead Bushes,Water

Rockma II-Contains stones,Dead bushes,bushes,Iron ore,Coal,Boulders,Gold ore

Paradise Island-Contains Coal,Gold,Big trees,Small Trees,Apple Trees,Berry bushes,water

Plataeu-Contains Stones,Small trees,Big trees,Iron,Coal,Onion,Mushroom

Horseshoe Island-Contains Bushes,Small trees,Big trees,Teraphyx,Water,Wheat

Flax Island-Contains Flax,Small trees,Water.Iron,Rocks,Bushes

Spire-Contains All ores and rocks (its the pointy island)

Its best to follow the rules otherwise your gonna get reported by some admin and get banned or kicked or...I'm not sure I was never banned or see someone get banned but still just follow the rules.

Killing is allowed.
Spawn-killing is NOT allowed.
Repeated-killing is NOT allowed.
Revenge-killing is NOT allowed unless you have a good reason to do it.
Foraging other people's work is NOT allowed.
Burning other people's work is allowed. But try to keep it to a minimum.

How I play the game

I start off by picking off all the trees from where i spawned turn 1 into a hull and all extra other tree stumps into a wall then i start riding my boat to the nearest island with wheat which is horse shoe because i prefer starting at flax island.

next i make a canteen and fill it with water and then i turn my walls into a mill then make a lumbermill next then a granary i placed them sticked together because it looks nice and then i make a stone pickaxe and mine 3 iron 2 iron for the forge and 1 for the pickaxe and then next i go to spire and mine some coal make a steel pickaxe and then heading back to flax island i get some crude oil

after that I filter my oil and then craft a lantern and then rush ahead mine 7 mithril and 3 gold for all the mithril tools and a gold jug then i get some bento leather and then rockma hide make a rockma armor.

And thats about it after all that hard work I usually help people and hang out with people or with the stone knife weld some sticks and become a trollture

A trollture is a Vulture and a Troll mixed together

I put 3 Welded sticks on my left leg 2 facing sidewards and 1 facing downwards and then i put an upside down wooden seat after than I FLY and pick up guests then trap them in the plateu cave

I might be missing some stuff...but ill just post it
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HappyLife08 is not online. HappyLife08
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17 Sep 2011 10:59 AM
Goin to bed im tired
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19 Sep 2011 08:52 PM
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24 Nov 2011 12:58 PM
You forgot that:
Sailboat=Hull+Small Tree Stump+Sail
Large Sailboat=2 Large hulls+Large Tree Stump+2 sails
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TheRahimRazlan is not online. TheRahimRazlan
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02 Jan 2012 01:36 PM
where to get mushroom
i know at platue but cnt found
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14 Mar 2012 04:11 PM
thx rahim it really helped
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14 Mar 2012 04:28 PM
oops i ment happy life
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18 Mar 2012 06:17 PM
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25 Mar 2012 06:53 AM
[ Content Deleted ]
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awsomescauce is not online. awsomescauce
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25 Mar 2012 06:56 AM
i go on there burn stuff because they kill me when i want to join tribe
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31 Mar 2012 08:40 PM
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EdnanEnderdEdsenrt is not online. EdnanEnderdEdsenrt
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07 Apr 2012 03:30 AM
can you tell me anything to do to level up my engeenering skills cuz i want to make a quarry
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coolperson400 is not online. coolperson400
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17 Apr 2012 03:45 PM
make carts(to make them you need 3 planks and one wooden seat
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JarodOfOrbiter is not online. JarodOfOrbiter
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23 Apr 2012 03:28 PM
For different questions:
Foliage is just leaves, we call it that because it is called that on other survival versions.
To level up in engineering skills, build a catapult.
3 Planks, Small Tree Stump, Wood Seat.
And catapult also requires 5 carpentry skill, so you need to build other things first.

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cenwon2 is not online. cenwon2
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10 Nov 2012 03:23 PM
your forgot catapult 3 plank+2 saml tree stumps=wood seat
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10 Nov 2012 07:58 PM
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26 Nov 2012 08:01 PM
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6713901 is not online. 6713901
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10 Dec 2012 04:51 PM
thanks for the tips peeps it helped me alot and that guy that burn peoples stuff because they dont let u join and kill u just get ur smith up and get a mith sword(thats anvile gold+mith+mith i think if not there isnt gold in it)then go kill them for revenge once u show how strong u r every body will want to join U
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27 Apr 2013 09:20 AM
way i can't make anything!sike nah!!

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youthfulbomber is not online. youthfulbomber
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27 Apr 2013 09:21 AM
pic axe,sword,lantern,torches.
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youthfulbomber is not online. youthfulbomber
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27 Apr 2013 09:23 AM
u need two cow poops(droppings),handle,and rockma hide.
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24 May 2013 06:54 AM
to night play survivle 303 whit me

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15 Jul 2013 09:06 AM
This was very useful.Thank you
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