Roblox is trying to give me malware viruses.

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CAboi1 is not online. CAboi1
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20 Feb 2011 02:05 AM
I was on roblox's site, happily messaging my friends, then it led me to a page where it gave me something called system security tool, a fake anti-virus that completely destroyed my old computer. What does this mean? Huh?
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HatHelper is not online. HatHelper
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20 Feb 2011 02:05 AM
That's what you get for using google for bad things.
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nitro357 is not online. nitro357
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20 Feb 2011 02:06 AM
system tool is like your computers 'partner'.
it will do its thing. then kill it.
then it kills more computers.
which is bad.
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CAboi1 is not online. CAboi1
Joined: 28 Jul 2008
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20 Feb 2011 02:06 AM
Hathelper, cmon dude, I know you (as far as your forum threads go) Grow up and be mature.
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EpicGamer1337 is not online. EpicGamer1337
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20 Feb 2011 02:07 AM
I exited the page when that stuff pops up because I know its fake because it says stuff from 09 when I got this laptop last year brand new
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TransparencE is not online. TransparencE
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20 Feb 2011 02:07 AM
Malware tried to destroy my computer once. It failed miserably though, the virus ran straight into the firewall and set off my security AntiVirus programs.
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CAboi1 is not online. CAboi1
Joined: 28 Jul 2008
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20 Feb 2011 02:10 AM
Yeah well, when a system downloads it self to your computer and its called "System Security Tool" and it's a blue shield with tools over it, Your computer is finished, unless you do a system restore. This program won't leave you alone till you buy it, then it takes your credit card info and maxes out that credit card and figuratively, blows up your computer.
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CommanderPonds is not online. CommanderPonds
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20 Feb 2011 02:12 AM
I've had something like that happen when googling a video game..
Anyway, for this, you tube is your best friend.
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Meditate03 is not online. Meditate03
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14 Jun 2011 06:28 PM
If you get the message pop up something about security tool, DON'T DOWNLOAD. This deleted the System32 (Your computer's brain)
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Thaeh is not online. Thaeh
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14 Jun 2011 06:30 PM
Google ads may have malware on it, some of hte viruses are automatically downloaded on your computer, plus it could have been a "sleeping" virus that took action way after.
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whateverguy360 is not online. whateverguy360
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14 Jun 2011 06:30 PM
There be a lotza spam ads on here...
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coolkid437 is not online. coolkid437
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14 Jun 2011 06:31 PM
I've gotten that before on many websites. Its not ROBLOX, Its a website you went on shortly that sent you that message, Dont' fall for it because its a webpage and everything you see that it SAIS you have, and you really dont, that program will literally give you on your computer.
Such as Trojan 5.6 and so on.

Its not ROBLOX, Trust me.
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Dogsrock67 is not online. Dogsrock67
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14 Jun 2011 06:36 PM
Get BC then
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hellothere101 is not online. hellothere101
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22 Jun 2011 11:16 AM
I know what it's like to get Security/System Tool on your computer.

One night, my brother and my father were at a hotel in Washington D.C. I went to my father's computer to play roblox. Then, this message came up saying "Windows has detected suspicious activity and is taking immediate action." Then, out of nowhere, this weird scanner called system tool (said it in lowercase because I show disrespect for it) popped up. Then, the background turned blue, saying that my computer was infected, along with binary also in the background (wow, real nice disguise, like people will believe that). The program detected several viruses. I thought it was fake because it only took about 30 seconds. Sure enough, it was. I looked on the internet, since the virus blocked AVG, and millions of results came up talking about system tool (lowercase again) issues, reports of spyware, and of course, removal. Well, Youtube was blocked, so I went on this site called Bleeping Computer and it gave me information that didn't work. However, it did say to use RogueKill, and after that, I used MalwareBytes. It did work, but unfortunately, I messed up on it, and system tool (AGAIN) came back. Luckily, Microsoft made System Restore. Used it. Virus? All gone.
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regilord is not online. regilord
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22 Jun 2011 11:19 AM
My virus protecter is flat out. It's called run we once a week anti malware.
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ZeDq is not online. ZeDq
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22 Jun 2011 11:20 AM
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Jonathangolf is not online. Jonathangolf
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22 Jun 2011 11:20 AM
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TheJoker21 is not online. TheJoker21
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22 Jun 2011 11:22 AM

If Roblox gave me a virus, BC would be the absolute LAST thing on my mind.
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Meditate03 is not online. Meditate03
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22 Jun 2011 01:49 PM
If you are on ROBLOX and something pops up, and its NOT by the ROBLOX corporation, don't download, okay?
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jameskewl8 is not online. jameskewl8
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22 Jun 2011 01:51 PM
If something pops up on your screen saying ''You have 100 virus's! Download this Anti-Virus system to get rid of them'' and the screen has a URL, then it's fake.
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starwars476 is not online. starwars476
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22 Jun 2011 01:52 PM
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claire100000000 is not online. claire100000000
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23 Nov 2012 12:18 PM
its true it has happened to me i scaned my computer and it had malware on it guess who downloaded it you guessed it rolox and it tore up my computer very badly but i got fixed so roblox better do somthing about it. or else
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Trisrock is online. Trisrock
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23 Nov 2012 12:23 PM
Omg it's hathelper
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SamTHX is not online. SamTHX
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23 Jun 2013 03:06 PM
That happened to me lots.

day 1

on youtue, i was watching fox logos and then a ad poped up

i shut the PC down fast.


KoRnondaCOB got on the PC and looks for gifs for my site but on fotobucket an virus appeared, same shutdown


Emupardise gave me a WARNING: you need to update your flash player!

and i closed the PC down fast.

so now you get it.
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austint30 is not online. austint30
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30 Nov 2013 12:03 PM
Get adblock on Google Chrome. Works perfectly.
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