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Thirteenth Twin Legion: Chapter 4 RULES

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20 Feb 2014 10:45 AM
1.Basic Rules

2.Advanced Rules

3.Dress Code


=-Basic Rules-=

Dislike being yelled at? Hate doing laps. Well these rules will make sure you will not be doing any punishments! These are basic rules that all ranks MUST follow.

1.Be mature.

2.Don't disobey orders.

3.Do not ask for a promotion.

4.Do not talk out of terms/use terms.

5.Do not raid while off duty, when in uniform.

6.Do not complain.

7.If you notice the line your in is messed up fix it without being asked too.

8.Get into a line quick and quite.

9.Respect Higher Ranks.

That is it for basic Rules.

=-Advanced Rules-=

These rule are harder version of the ones up there. These ones are rule Officer don't have to do, but must if told to.


2.Follow orders.

3.When in formation and you see a gap in it, fix it.

4.Do not talk unless stating a Term (YES SIR, NO SIR) or given permission to speak.

5.BE ACTIVE! (This goes for officers as well)

=-Dress Code-=
Dress code will have 2 minor sections in it. Hats, and Uniform.

Uniform:All Legionnaires must of the Roman uniform in 2 weeks of joining. If not wear any roman looking uniform you have. Not doing so in 2 weeks will result in being exiled.

Uniform Shirt:

Uniform Pants:

Hats: Only era hats can be used for this Legion. No advanced hats, (Sun glass Fedoras Etc) Allowed.

Punishments will be thew way to keep everything in order in this Legion, and will be given out fairly.

-Punishments Key.-
2=Having a Talking too.
3=Demotion (If you can't be demoted again you'll be exiled.)
4=2 Demotions (If you can't be demoted again you'll be exiled.)

Examples of Ways to be get Punished.

EXP 1: Talking out of Term. 1
EXP 2:Acting like a Officer 4
EXP 3:Disrespecting a fellow Legionary 3
EXP 4:Disrespecting a Officer 4
EXP 5:Team killing 5

If you keep breaking rules you'll have one last warning then Exiled.This Legion doesn't play around.Dislike any of these rules Get out of the Legion.

This is it for all Rules.

End of Chapter 4
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20 Feb 2014 10:46 AM
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20 Feb 2014 10:46 AM
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