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Articulated Physics

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mitterdoo is not online. mitterdoo
Joined: 24 Jun 2008
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04 Nov 2013 06:23 PM
this is the third time i will ask for help about this. nobody seems to understand what this means to me.

i was on vacation in late august. i was browsing an online forum for another game and it was talking about something new roblox had announced. i took a look at it and it was by far the best thing i have ever seen roblox create, or announce at least. i was thinking, "oh my god when is this going to be released??" then i learned that it was going to be given as a small demo during virtual bloxcon. i thought the demo would be about making articulated physics machinery and things like that, but when the demo was released, it was just that crash canyon place and no help at all about making machines.

later, when virtual bloxcon was in a Q&A session, i tried several times to ask about the articulated physics and how to make machinery with them. i tweeted and tweeted but nobody had answered my question. near the end of the last Q&A session i realized i had to use #bloxcon in my tweets to ask a question. boy, was i mad at myself.

i had then sent an email to about how to do this. they replied saying things like it will be released when it's released. i thought, "wow." they misunderstood my question. i was so furious because nobody gave me an answer and the question flew right over them. i then made a forum post about it and me looking for help (don't bother looking for it, i made the post before i changed my username), but nobody could help.

i had then become even more angry. some weeks passed as i found other interests, but daily i would always check the roblox blog to see if the physics were released yet. near the end of september, i made another forum post about it. one person replied that i should go on twitter about it. i tweeted to everybody i could find about it. in the crash canyon place, i found in a script "-stickmasterluke" so i tweeted to him about it. nothing came from him. i tweeted to Kevin He, the one who made and announced the physics. nothing came from him either.

when i saw the blog post about even more articulated physics, i read the entire thing, word for word. it mentioned that you need tools in order to make articulated physics machinery. i immediately got on twitter and tweeted to Kevin He again. my tweet was:

"@GongfuTiger can you give people the tools used to make articulated physics joints? i would like to see what i can do with them so far."

Kevin said:

"@mitterdoo you need both the new engine and the tool to create the new joints. We will release them on game test sites first. Keep a watch."

new engine? i already have the engine, because of their demo release of articulated physics, unless i need a newer one (which i would be happy to obtain as well). but the tools, that's different. i had no idea how to get the tools, and i believe they are plugin-based with some fancy gui or something. i had emailed once again, but they just said they cannot give the tools to me, probably because they do not really know how to obtain them.

can somebody please help me? i don't think anybody at all understands how i'm going about this. i have looked everywhere about articulated physics and how to use them in roblox. i couldn't find any help at all. i really need some help about this. thank you.
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reptoslicerguy is not online. reptoslicerguy
Joined: 01 Jan 2010
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04 Nov 2013 07:09 PM
You are going to just have to sit down and wait.
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domorox17 is not online. domorox17
Joined: 06 Mar 2012
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04 Nov 2013 07:24 PM
just like the reset of us. personally, im excited for this. less lag when more than 2 parts(besides characters) are moving:D
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