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roblox is updating please wait

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alilgety5 is not online. alilgety5
Joined: 21 Jul 2012
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02 Jul 2013 12:48 AM
every time i try to play ANY game it stay at the roblox is updating please wait even when it says its 100% done please help
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Alfie594 is not online. Alfie594
Joined: 03 Jan 2011
Total Posts: 2687
02 Jul 2013 01:47 AM
Be patient.
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angryguy2012 is not online. angryguy2012
Joined: 28 Oct 2012
Total Posts: 94
02 Jul 2013 03:01 AM
Here are some simple steps to make it work:

1.Try to install in internet explorer.
2.If not,try other places (firefox,google chrome,etc.)
3.Reinstall if you already installed
4.If this doesn't work,then use the "ROBLOX Help Slot Machine"

Hope this helps...

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aygui12 is not online. aygui12
Joined: 27 Aug 2009
Total Posts: 14769
02 Jul 2013 05:53 AM
You're not just the only one.
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Alecto9 is not online. Alecto9
Joined: 25 Jun 2013
Total Posts: 2
02 Jul 2013 06:25 AM
disable your firewall and antivirus
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olumideoloyede1 is not online. olumideoloyede1
Joined: 23 Oct 2012
Total Posts: 3
24 Sep 2013 05:45 PM
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