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✈ Flight Simulator ✈ Airport ✈ [OPEN BETA V2.2] *

✈ Flight Simulator ✈ Airport ✈  [OPEN BETA V2.2] *
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Thumbs down: 20
Welcome to Flight Simulator Airport!

★ What liking and favoring does ★
-New Planes
-Cool updates
-Feed llamas
-Advanced Helicopter Kit
-More Islands
★ Like and Favorite now! ★
All updates and news can be found in-game!

Sit in plane, select plane tool.
If you don't get one, get up sit back down.
Press E - Engine on / Engine Off
UpArrow - Throttle Up
DownArrow- Throttle Down
Manuever - Mouse
Push throttle up to take off
Pull throttle down to land

You can land on water the same way you would land on the ground. Slow throttle, and touchdown.
*Only planes with bottom rafts can water land.

Outside Game Log
May 17, 2011- Game Created
June 13, 2012- Game Finished
April 1, 2013 - Game Abandoned
January 28, 2014- Game 2.0 Started
February 8, 2014 - Water landing! Version 2.1

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Builder: blueboy112
Joined: 4/15/2009
Updated:1 month ago
Max Players:18
Allowed Gear Types: