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Feed the Giant Noob [v4.0.4]

Feed the Giant Noob!!! [Dynamic Lighting!]_Image
Feed the Giant Noob!!! [Dynamic Lighting!]_Image
Thumbs up: 1,393
Thumbs down: 223
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v4.0.0 has finally been released! Check the Update News below to see what's new! Chat Voice currently costs 26R$, to buy it in game click on the logo in the bottom right corner then click "Buy Access."

IMPORTANT!!!: Your stats for this game have been reset in order to switch the save system from data persistence to data stores! Data stores are more reliable (less lost data) and have nearly infinite storage capacity!

The Chat Gui may have some glitches, I'm working on fixing them now.

New versions say v4.0.4 in the top right corner of the screen in game!

~ Update News ~
- A fabulous surprise!
- New gallery pictures (Later)
- Maximum food amount
- Gui overhaul
- Some new food items
- Chat Voice
- New Intro Screen
- Bug fixes
Builder: EvanHolt
Joined: 9/6/2008
Updated:2 weeks ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: