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Escape the School!

Escape the School!
Thumbs up: 380
Thumbs down: 441
Welcome to escape the school!
Okay, so there has been a LOT of talk in the comments that this game is crappy,ugly,bad,etc. I would just like to say, I made this game in 2010, when the majority of the community didn't have amazingly detailed/scripted games. This game isn't even my most recently made one. All I'm saying really is that don't hate me or spam the comments saying this game is terrible, I made this game 3 years ago unknowing it would ever get more than 100 visits, and especially not knowing how much other games would increase in complexity. 
Thanks for reading :)
Builder: Grove537
Joined: 2/5/2010
Updated:6 months ago
Max Players:13
Allowed Gear Types: