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Escape Jail Obby *Sequel Coming Soon!*

Escape Jail Obby *Extra Credit Fixed*_Image
Escape Jail Obby *Extra Credit Fixed*_Image
Escape Jail Obby_Image
Thumbs up: 372
Thumbs down: 191
Escape Jail Obby 2 will be coming out within the next month. PM Stormcell for more details!
Run, jump, and drive your way through 9 different levels (Including a bonus level at the end!) in this unique obby! All 9 levels are built into a city. Find Coins throughout the obby to use in two shops to get special bonuses and prizes! But don't forget the secret badges hidden off the main paths!
The VIP Gamepass takes a while for Roblox to register. Wait approximately 5-30 minutes, and get on a new server.
Builder: Stormcell
Joined: 9/28/2008
Updated:4 weeks ago
Max Players:15
Genres:Town and City
Allowed Gear Types: