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Epic Laser Wars

Epic Laser Wars_Image
Epic Laser Wars_Image
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_______________________________________ Message:
I thank you all for making this place popular!
Version 2.0 is the latest version.See it on a gui in the game.And stop with the bad comments because if you message me what I should fix,and what I should add.If I like it I will do it.I am trying to make the the best laser tag game on roblox!
_______________________________________ VIP:
When it becomes popular.
_______________________________________ Rules:
No spawnkilling,glitching,hacking,or singling a target out.
_______________________________________ UPDATES:
Dynamic Lighting added. Well, it was. But it didn't save. I hate the new roblox studio.
_______________________________________ NEXT UPDATE:
Map changing, better guns, better gui.
PM me your questions! Common questions will be added on here.
Builder: dir333
Joined: 5/12/2011
Updated:1 year ago
Max Players:30
Allowed Gear Types: