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Egg Hunt 2015 [Egg Locations]

Roblox Minigames 2014_Image
Roblox Minigames 2014_Image
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I've made up my mind, I'm only going to be using this game for the ROBLOX Egg Hunts. Due to a lack of time, I can't build the 4th Of July game. I will try to do it in a different game, but if it doesn't come, I'm sorry. I will note that there is going to be one for All of the Upcoming ROBLOX Gifts! I will also tell you 1 certain thing. For the ROBLOX Christmas Gifts, I will not be able to tell you exactly how to get them since I won't know how. It will be a free game, nobody has to pay to even get some special gifts. The game for all of the gifts will not be located here, this is going to be Only for Egg Hunts like I said above. Make sure to keep checking my Profile for the Christmas Gifts 2014 game! Have a great summer!
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