Egg Hunt 2015 ['Egg Locations']

Roblox Minigames 2014_Image
Roblox Minigames 2014_Image
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Finally! Some of you may have asked when I'm going to start working on this again. Guess what? Since its getting closer to the end of the year, its about time that I start working on the game for you all! If any of you remember last years game, it will be nothing like that this year. We are going to have lots of design, its not going to be inside of a building and yes, the gamepasses will work for next year. Get ready to find every egg in the Egg Hunt 2015!

Woops! Did I not take down the 2014 Egg Hunt 'Egg Locations' image? Well, I think I should keep it up and just re-name the place, just so everyone knows when the Egg Hunt 'Egg Locations' first started. As most of you know, a lot of people started making them in 2014. I would like to say something to you all... I was the first one to ever make the game and think of it, you can believe what you want, but I know the truth.
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