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Drive Sick People To The Hospital!

Drive Sick People To The Hospital!
Thumbs up: 375
Thumbs down: 250
Quickly you must drive the sick or injured people to the hospital as fast as possible! Then Save The Sick!
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As you can see an update has been applied fixing and changing alot of aspects of the game. Please leave a comment or PM me suggestions, glitches or thing you don't like. Thank you! Special thanks to LCPLgeek for the scripts!


Creator Update - April 10, 2014 : 
I do realize that over-time, my game has started glitching out, I ask you be patient as I revamp my game to a new and improved version. I have finished the new map, and am working on the development process, please remain patient and bare with me as we get this new version out!
Builder: Vauldermordj
Joined: 12/6/2008
Updated:5 days ago
Max Players:7
Allowed Gear Types: