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Dragonball Z Online™ ★ V.86 *15 NEW ATTACKS

Dragonball Z Online™ ★ V.85 Skills Fixed!_Image
Dragonball Z Online™ ★ V.85 Skills Fixed!_Image
Dragonball Online™ RPG +New SSJ and Kaioken_Image
Dragonball™ Online (Original)_Image
1st Dragonball Online™ RPG_Image
Dragonball Online™ Fighting RPG - V1.002_Image
Thumbs up: 61
Thumbs down: 13
Many attacks are fixed! Now streaming, so there is no more server lag and the game should always save your data. There is a new map being made for this game, it's massive! Check it out here to see it before it is released! 
This is the single most advanced and detailed Dragonball Z game on Roblox, with transformations, graphics, quests, skill tree, Treasure chest, Z-Coins and more! Recent Updates; 3/22/14 Fixed Save/load, fixed a bunch of weapons Added Broly, Janemba, Goku and Krillin who all uses skills. YOU CAN NOW MAKE WISHES TO SHENRON Fixed all the attacks in the Skill Tree,YOU CAN NOW PICK A CHARACTER New Attacks! Galactic Donuts, Buster Cannon, Death Ball, Death Beam and Tri Beam.
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Builder: gogeta
Joined: 11/25/2006
Updated:2 hours ago
Max Players:20
Allowed Gear Types: