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Dragon ball sparking meteor Blast sounds!!

Dragon ball sparking meteor Blast sounds!!
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All characters dont have a realistc BLOCK body yet. So be patient, Also, Im adding sound to moves Join CSL! ITS A COOL FIGHTING GROUP!: If you have anything you want to tell me, An idea for the map, Please tell me. Press Y to float And K to land. GOKU GT HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE CHARACTER LIST! NEXT TO SUPER 17! Spopovich is next to kid goku on the 3rd character page! I sometimes take scripting lessons by a person. SOMETIMES. Hes ganna teach me something really special. So i need Robux. Plus extra robux for myself. Donate for a couple of things. -Map Change, (HUGE) -Better animations -Stance animations -Ssj4 -Great Ape Mastrj is the rightful owner to this place, Im just a person updating it. ShutDown = Fix/Updates
Credit this game to sonicrush990
Builder: blackmask66
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