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Dragon Ball Z:Ultimate Tenkaichi

Dragon Ball Z:Ultimate Tenkaichi
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Credit to Mastrj And hunter6122 (For Each char tht comes Out ill ask hunter6122 to make the character and in order ffor this every 100 visits a new Char Appears untill theres no chars left in DBZ UT)P.S.Use Camfix When U are very far like near the invisable wall do it early and u will go back to Melee Range if u perform this it will result in a Blast range

DBZ UT is a game Where all the dbz fighting mechanics are combined in a epic battle with fully destructable stages now touch's down to roblox enjoy the heart pounding epic battles and sometimes relive mastrjs fighting mechinanics tht r remasterd by hunter6122 give both of them credit and if u rlly love this game try there games and also relive the story with the characters u have enjoy ^^
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