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Destroy some bridges (Back to normal again)

Destroy some bridges (Back to normal again)
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I finally sat down and completed the hang bridge's design, I have also made some changes to the other bridges designs to improve them and to make them better.

If anyone is interested to know, a fan group has been made for this game "".

Made some changes to regen to (hopefully) decrease lag.

The elite may have flashbangs but we have ... snowglobes? More tools have been added and some things have been fixed and added.

The Elite is here with 3 new weapons just for elites and a nice t-shirt, "" (you have to put on the t-shirt when you are playing) that lets you use the black portal to the Elite island. Step on the black spawn and then open the regular armory tool and press the button saying "Roblox elite" to get your elite armory tool.

The armory tool contains all the tools you are used to, but makes it possible to quickly ad and remove tools from your inventory.
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Updated:4 years ago
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