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Destroy The Noob XI (11) Now With Player Points!

Destroy The Noob V6.0 (read the desc.)_Image
Destroy The Noob V6.0 (read the desc.)_Image
Destroy The Noob V4.0 (read the desc.)_Image
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Destroy The Noob V3.0 (read the desc.)_Image
Destroy the noob V2_Image
Destroy the noob_Image
Destroy The Noob IX (9)(read the desc.)_Image
Destroy the noob_Image
Destroy the noob_Image
Destroy the noob_Image
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Getting Player Points
You can buy player points 1R$ for 20 points, or you will get 10 points for every hour you play!

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What makes this better then the other DTN games?
Well, the face is animated and there are a lot of fun weapons you can use, almost everything is scripted by me, although the tanks, save, MOST (not all) the weapons, and leader board scrpts are not i DID script the shop and repaired the chat GUI also.

colorable jacket:

V11 adds player points and 9 new endurance badges, the time played badges. To get these you need to play for the given time ON A VERSION 11 OR UP SERVER!
Builder: Lex3051
Joined: 7/25/2009
Updated:1 month ago
Max Players:4
Allowed Gear Types: