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Destroy ROBLOX City

This place is part of Zombies Uprising
Destroy ROBLOX City
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Burn down every house, or do graffiti, and try to make me angry, I am the Mayor of ROBLOX City, and you want to make the MOST Destruction EVER! Or you can save the town being a FireFighter. I hope you liked it! It also has a youtube video - ironman676ROBLOX, search it on youtube and find "Burning down ROBLOX HQ" and you can also kill Telamon and Builderman and others in the ROBLOX HQ. Hope you have a good time! It took a long time to make!
If you think destroying every and it will never come back, then you are smart, so I made regen buttons, please do not abuse them so when you destroy the building, step on the purple button, please be patient, some may take longer than others, the maximum time to regen is 10 seconds, if it takes any longer PM me with the subject "Glitch" and tell me what it was you were regening and how long it took, IF YOU HAVE A LAGGY COMPUTER, DON'T EVEN BOTHER PLAYING
Builder: Ironman676
Joined: 4/6/2010
Updated:12 months ago
Max Players:30
Game: Zombies Uprising
Allowed Gear Types: