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[Definitely Dead] (Extended) Kino Der Toten 0.4.2

[Definitely Dead] (Extended) Kino Der Toten 0.4.2
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Thumbs down: 10
So I've decided that this place is just going to die. I've lost all will to work on it. It's also going to stay copylocked, no one is getting a hold of this map mostly because it bothers people that they can't have it.

Thank you for your time, but I'm done with this.

TAGS: kino der toten ascention call of the dead shangrila shangri la black ops call of duty world at war zombies german epic epik nacht der untoten verruckt shi no numa der reise rie
Builder: ember1465
Joined: 4/9/2009
Updated:2 months ago
Max Players:6
Allowed Gear Types: