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Defend The Statue [More smooth gameplay]

Defend The Statue [More smooth gameplay]_Image
Defend The Statue [More smooth gameplay]_Image
Thumbs up: 833
Thumbs down: 64
About the game: 
N00bs from NOOBLOX are attacking ROBLOX!!!!!
Defend the statue and protect ROBLOX from n00bs.
Update Log:
Newest Server Verison : 4.1
-Fixed build walls
-Buffed some weapons
-Sir Kadee have less damage but stronger when less than 10% hp
-Boss will not fully recover HP when 2nd form
There are no vip.
There are no admin commands. 
Beat the stage by your skills is more fun. 
Tips: Teamwork is the key. 

Saving system would make the game too easy. 
We have tested it a long time ago and It make the game less fun.
Lead-Developer: 885sdwsdw 
Developer: d4rk886 (his brother.)

Also Thanks many people for their idea for update.
Builder: 885sdwsdw
Joined: 7/3/2009
Updated:5 months ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: